Gay hotel in Malta.A gay hotel is obviously a place where gay people are felt to be welcome and providing the facilities that are associated with such a lifestyle. Although one may think that the gay hotel is something new, this is not the case since there have been places of accommodation of this sort for decades. The gay hotel comes in several shapes and sizes, you can find the gay B&B as well as a guesthouse. Some names of gay hotels are rather iconic; the Castro in San Francisco as well as the aptly named Soho bang in the middle of London, the Marais Hotel in Paris and the West Village in New York – these are all hotels that have catered to the needs of the gay community for several years.

The gay liberation movement which sprung up in the 1960’s and 70’s led to a complete proliferation of hotels all over the world. The concept of the gay resort also came into being around that time with the first establishing itself on the island of Mykonos in Greece. This led to the concept of the “gay holiday” where all the needs of the traveler and tourist would be catered for. As acceptance of the gay community and concept continued to increase, the number of hotels rose accordingly and some not so common places such as the Cotswolds saw their own gay hotels. The decor inside such establishments is usually very tasteful with special attention being paid to design and artistic attraction.

Incredibly, hotel booking sites for the gay community have now also sprang up. Some such as gay welcome offers no less than 4000 gay hotels all over Europe, this demonstrates the attraction of such establishments. And although Malta is not that progressive with regards to gays, there are a few gay hotels dotted around the island. The most sumptuous and splendid of all has to be Valletta G-House, a gay and lesbian friendly establishment finished off to the highest standards and beautifully decorated right in the heart of Valletta. The hosts, Mike and Aldo have been together for quite some time and are quite a fixture in the gay community on the island. You can find out more on

Gay hotels look like continuing to be a success all over the world and other continents such as Asia and South America seem to be taking to this phenomenon. Although Malta still lags far behind in the gay community accommodation sector, there’s no reason to believe that they will not increase in the near future.