It is one thing that Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world, but apart from its size it is only more popular for living short or long term.

This island is very social, open and friendly place. Somehow it is not like in other countries, the people living here make it to be like that. University or language school students, employees for companies or just people coming to enjoy life, they all are facing with a question of searching for accommodation.

From now on this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

When I first came to Malta, I felt like it is a good idea to share a flat with other people. After all, that is why we all come here: to meet new people, learn about other cultures; make new friendships and practice/ our English to the best possible level. So yes, flat-sharing was the logical step for me to take. Even if where I come from living together with several people is rather uncommon, here it is the obvious move to make.

However, I quickly realised why this seemed to be different in Malta. The life on Malta is very fast moving. Thousands of people enter and leave the island during the year. It only makes sense that a lot of people choose to live in flatshares where stays are usually limited and the hassle of involvement of agencies or contracts is limited to non-existent.

Aside from such practical considerations, I greatly enjoyed being introduced to new people from different countries. My friends and flatmates were often of great help by advising me with basic existence issues, like question of vital importance: where to grocery shopping, which buses to take and which parties to attend. Beyond all that, I was also able to practice my English on a daily basis.

Obviously the hardest part is to actually find a suitable flatshare! Unnecessary to mention, there are dozens of Facebook groups and even more ads from people looking for roommates. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is often quite frustrating. More often than not ads lack images of the flat and information about the room is incomplete at best. Who have been in this situation of searching for apartment/room, those know what I am talking about.

I, for my part, prefer to know what I am signing up for. I would like to know where exactly the place I may want to live is, who my roomies are and how my room would look like. In the end, that place might be my home for a while!

To my delight, three friends of mine have recently launched a project called They basically saw the need for a more organised way of finding a roommate. Thus, they created an online platform where people can browse and advertise rooms in a matter of minutes. I especially like the neat layout that allows you filter various criteria for your future stay. Among others, you can indicate a location, a budget and the duration of your stay. You can get an idea of how this looks like below.

On the other hand, if you have a room and you would like to rent out, roomietown offers an equally simple procedure of listing it. In a step-by-step process their website directs you through a very easy-to-follow process of giving all the information of your room.

Overall, I think it’s a great concept and if you like it as well, you can check them out directly at the official roomietown website and also feel free to like their facebook page. I wish everyone good luck for flat-searching!