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Full Body Massage

The full body massage is something that has become extremely popular in Malta with massage parlours springing up all over the place. There are several massage parlours in places such as Sliema, St Julian’s and Bugibba where the oriental style is particularly prominent – Chinese and Thai massage parlours are particularly popular. However there are other massage styles such as the Swedish ones which are also growing slowly in popularity. Other more conventional full body massage clinics can be found at some top hotels such as the Westin Dragonara and the Corinthia and there are also excellent massage therapists...

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Malta Government Stocks

Investing in today’s world is important with real incomes falling all over the place but with bank interest rates at historic lows (and not looking to rise anytime soon), it is important to maximise the most out of your hard earned savings but at the same time, ensure that these are not lost in some speculative investment. One of the safest options which also guarantees a good return is Government Stock where the interest rates are usually quite good, although new stock is at a low level. You could do far worse than go on the Malta Stock Exchange...

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Ira Losco

Known for her alluring powerful husky voice, Ira Losco is one of Malta’s most loved and best selling female artists with number one record and album hits. Her music falls under several different genres but is generally associated with Indie, Alternative, Rock and Pop. Talented, charismatic, attractive and stylish she draws the crowds in with her music and ability to put on a great performance. She is also a talented songwriter, having written most of her songs herself, drawing in from personal experiences to give her music a realistic and relatable feeling. Her career started off when she joined...

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Best Hairdressers in Malta

Hairdressing is a popular pastime in Malta and the number of salons and hairdressers is consistently on the rise. New styles and appearances, mostly for women have flooded the market of late and with courses being offered at major colleges, the art of hairdressing has become a considerable skill. Some of the best hairdressers on the island have even made it to the fashion capitals of the world abroad and a burgeoning film industry locally also ensures that these skills are used almost on a daily basis. Some names have stuck in the minds of many but two stand...

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Property Styling from Australia to Malta

I have travelled to Malta many times before and it’s amazing to see how established Malta has become, when it comes to interior styling. I am so used to walking into a Maltese home and seeing traditional furnishings from antique style furniture, wrapped in plastic, to traditional printed tiles, heavy fabric curtains and prints, as well as the home being covered in antique home wares. Those traditions of interior styling will always be alive, but its nice to see how Malta is now slowly moving forward from the traditional styling to the now modern styling, which still includes features...

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