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Bugibba, Qawra & St Paul’s Bay

The architecture does not inspire, but Bugibba is probably the cheapest place to stay on the island. Although somewhat cut off from Valletta and from other main parts of the island, its facilities are such that many of its visitors are happy to stay put. The emphasis is on bars, pubs, discos and restaurants (mainly of the pasta, pizza and hamburger variety). A lively promenade offers bathing and a variety of water sports, including paragliding. On summer evenings the streets teem with people and music blares from late-night bars. Daytime activities include boat trips to the islands of Comino and Gozo. Another popular tour is the Underwater Safari; as you steam around St Paul’s bay portholes below sea-level allow you to view the world of marine fauna and flora, as well as a couple of shipwrecks. Qawra Together Qawra and Bugibba now occupy almost the entire peninsula on the east side of St Paul’s Bay. More or less merging with Bugibba, Qawra is more restrained than its noisy neighbour, with a choice of slightly more superior accommodation. Hotels and apartments have been mushrooming here since the 1970s. Among the hotels here is the New Dolmen, named after the prehistoric remains which stand, somewhat incongruously, in its gardens. Like Bugibba, there are plenty of bars, caf’s and restaurants. The rocky beach as a restaurant and plenty of facilities for watersports...

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Mellieha & Popeye Village

Perched high on a spur, the village of Mellieha (Maltese for salt pans), overlooks the sweeping expanse of its bay and beach. It is a busy shopping center with more character than the sprawling resorts to its east. The steep main street, lined with grocery shops, small bars and restaurants, caters for local residents as well as holidaymakers. Besides hosting the largest sandy beach in Malta, Mellieha has a range of self-catering accommodation, including luxury villas (one area with sea views is known as The Millionaire’s Valley). Popeye Village, (or Sweethaven) at Anchor Bay was built as the set for Robert Altman’s 1980 film, Popeye. The uninspiring ramshackle village by the sea consists of 17 houses, all made of wood imported from Canada and the Netherlands. Amenities include a souvenir shop, snack bar, beach facilities, a small fun park and a film about the making of Popeye. Boat trips are available during the summer at no additional...

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Hilton Malta Portomaso

The Hilton Malta is part of a unique waterfront development in St Julian’s, named as Portomaso. This 5 star luxury hotel surrounded by the sea is definitely one of the most popular hotels in Malta. Twenty minutes from Malta International Airport, the Hilton Malta hotel is located in the fashionable St. Julian’s area. Decorated in Mediterranean contemporary style, the spacious rooms offer the option of balconies and stunning Yacht Marina or sea views. Choose from several dining options, including two year-round restaurants, one summer-only restaurant and four bars showcasing a variety of flavours from around the world. Savour Mediterranean...

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Nightlife Hotspots in Malta

Nightlife in the capital amounts to no more than a drink or two in a bar or an evening trot in a horse-drawn karrozzin round the city’s floodlit ramparts. However, there is plenty of action in resorts to the northwest. Those seeking the bright lights should head to the small area of St Julian’s known as Paceville. Here you will find scores of discos, pubs and late-night bars. In summer the neon-lit streets are crammed with action-seekers. St Julian’s is also home to Malta’s casino – the only place where the nightlife could be described as glitzy. Beyond the headland, St George’s Bay has a growing number of fashionable discos. Lesser concentrations of bars with live music, and the occasional discos, can be found in Sliema and in the St Paul’s area, around Buggiba and Qawra. Discos open early in the evening for the benefit of the young (and not-so-young) Maltese visiting from the countryside who have to catch the last bus home at around 9 or 10 pm. For the rest, the music throbs on into the early hours of the morning. The older generation of visitors to Malta are usually quite content with hotel entertainment, which take the form of folk nights, cabarets and possibly discos. These events are normally open to non-residents. On the cultural side, Malta has several English-language theatres and cinemas. The delightful Manoet...

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Chris Malta

There are many well-known Maltese personalities, but a guy with the surname “Malta” – Chris Malta – isn’t Maltese or living in Malta at all, but is one of the most famous online entrepreneurs in existence today. Chris Malta is an expert Internet marketer who specialises in ecommerce marketing, EBiz and in particular, eBay. Chris is the original founder, CEO and Chairman of the product sourcing company, Worldwide Brands, and is generally recognised for helping people to run successful online businesses. So, who is he and what’s his background? Chris started working at 16, as a dishwasher in a restaurant. Since then he’s been a teacher, a bartender, a nightclub manager, a bouncer and a bank clerk, amongst other things along the way. However, whilst doing these jobs for other people, he has always displayed a flair for business. At the age of 10, his mother introduced him to entrepreneurship, when he started selling wholesale gifts to neighbours for Christmas pocket money. He always felt from then on that being his own boss was his destiny and he proved that later in life – starting off with $500 in 1998 and then turning it into the 15 million dollar fortune that it has become today. He is one of the web’s leading authorities on the ecommerce business model and has been highly recommended by several e-marketing experts worldwide. As...

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