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Author: Denise Formosa

The Case of Żeppi tat-Tuttu

On the 5th July 1862 in a huge house opposite the Granaries in Floriana, the murder of Katerina Borg took place during the dead of the night. This house still stands today, and it is very close to the Parish Church of St. Publius. Katerina worked as a servant for the opulent De Martino family. Mr De Martino was a very successful business man and used to keep money hidden away in his large house. Whenever the need arose for him to go out, he always told Katerina never to open the main door to anyone. He was always...

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He Killed Again

The crime we are about to witness happened in the year 1860, a time when convicts who were sentenced to prison, were sentenced to a life of hardship and were given little scraps of food- barely enough for them to survive. Reformation as we understand it today, was non-existent in those days, as the maxim was to make the prisoner suffer for the damage he had caused towards innocent human beings. Anġlu Farrugia, who was a very strong man, was very lazy, and did not want to earn a decent living by working in the fields like the other...

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The Grima Murder

Tony and his wife Anna were very hardworking farmers, who lived off their land in Dingli. On a very cold afternoon, Tony was returning from a very rewarding meeting, as he had sold all his vegetables and had a large sum of money to take home. Peppi Muscat who also happened to be Tony’s neighbour, saw his fellow farmer walking in the vicinity of his farm, and called him: “Why are you running so quickly, Tony… ? Have you seen a ghost?” Tony stopped and told him all about his successful venture at the market, and that he had...

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Cain’s Sin

The following murder we are about to witness shows the brutal death of a young ten-year-old boy who lived in the village of Żabbar. Joseph Deguara was assassinated on the 12th of April 1908 by his cousin Francis. Like the biblical story of Cain and Abel, this account shows that jealousy makes humans act in irrational ways. Joseph was a very obedient and innocent child. He never complained when he was asked to do something for his uncle, whom he used to help around the farm. His doting parents loved him very dearly. One day, after having finished from...

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A Tale of Immorality

This account presents two couples who started off as friends but as time progressed they became the worst of enemies, who could not bear the sight of each other. Its fulcrum occurred precisely a few months before World War 2 in the small town of Marsa, on the 16th April 1939. Carmen and Roberto were very happily married and had 4 children. Roberto always strove to help others, and one day a friend of his named Tony, asked for his assistance. Tony liked a middle-aged woman called Rita, and wanted to ask her out on a date, but before...

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