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Author: Gerald Fenech


Botox is a popular and widely used anti-aging skin treatment that prevents temporary muscle contraction to help with lessening of wrinkles and crows feet. It is a procedure that needs to be done continuously and consists of a series of injections beneath the skin to the treatable areas. After the treatment is applied the patient can return to work as normal. There are no lasting effects or pain afterwards. It is also used for the treatment of individuals suffering from Hyperhydrosis, (excessive sweating) which can be triggered by stressful situations. It can be administered to block the action of...

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Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Laundry and the washing of clothes is an important factor in everyone’s lives so the need to have this service at hand is crucial to a decent existence. In Malta, the vast bulk of the washing is done at home and with the ever increasing quality of washing machines and tumble driers, this has become quite an easy chore for everyone but the most housework resistant dunce. However for those who do not have the time for such chores, a number of laundries and self-improvised options are quite readily available. One of the earliest traditions in Malta is the...

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Viagra is the most popular and hugely successful sexual regeneration drug and is the preferred choice for all those men who are suffering from sexual impotency. It is reviewed with mixed results although there have been many who have touted its success. In Malta, the name is spoken about with a certain derision since any talk about sex is taboo in this close minded Mediterranean island but you will find that several pharmacies and other health shops stock it in copious numbers and in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular and widely used form of Viagra...

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Modern Art, Culture and Sliema

What once started out as a summer resort for Valletta’s wealthier residents has now arguable become one of the (if not the) cultural centres of Malta! Sliema meaning “Peace” or “Comfort” in Maltese has now developed into a multicultural town with arts and cultural activities to be proud of! With constant development and beautification of public places and spaces Sliema remains one of the most sought after places to live on the island and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. Notable artists such as Richard England have chosen to leave their mark on the town. His art...

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Election Madness

While for us, foreigners, this weekend was just a casual one, for the Maltese people it was a very important day in the calendar. Last Saturday was a day of change in the Maltese politics – the Maltese 2013 General Elections were happening on the 9th March 2013. It was a dominant and determining day in the Maltese history as well. Despite of other countries, in Malta there are only two dominant parties to choose from. The Labour party with Joseph Muscat at the head and the Nacionalist party with the leading of Lawrence Gonzi (and of course the third classic Green Party, which is a party in every country, but getting only small percentage of votes). What is important to know, the Nationalist Party had been in power for the last 15 years. Well, this line was broken the previous weekend, as the unexpected magic happened: the Labour defeated the Nationalist with a projected win of 55% of the votes. This was the first time the Labour party entered government since Malta joined the Eurozone. The main reason people voted differently like before is that probably they want and they are expecting a big positive change from the new party. Hopefully it will not bring a big (negative) change in a life of foreigners, as there a few thousand of resident foreigners here as well, who could not...

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