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Author: Hilary Rogers

Buying Property in Malta

Malta, headlining as one of the top destinations in Europe, has witnessed a boom in its property market due to the increase in demand. An increase in property development offers a constant array of new maisonettes, apartments and penthouses all over the island, with a specific increase in new blocks and condominiums that is found very attractive in offering exclusive prices in a community-like environment. In comparison to other European countries, property prices in Malta are considered relatively cheaper, and in the view that the value of property is always on the increment, Malta is seen as having good...

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Moving to Malta?

Malta, a small archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, has over time struck popularity with its attraction with the quality of living that the islands offer. Besides the sunny conditions that equally locals and foreigners happily avail of, Malta boasts of satisfactory standards of living alongside a safe and tranquil environment for families to prosper and the younger generation to find the right parameters for entertainment. Whichever category you may fall into, Malta has something to offer everyone. From bewildering history that dates back to thousands of years, that may fill many-an-adventure-filled weekends to the wonderful clean beaches...

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Gay Bars in Malta

As in most European countries, there is a gay scene in Malta. With Malta being a small country though, there isn’t a huge selection of LGBT specific venues, but there is a small but thriving gay community made up of both Maltese and foreign residents. With Malta being a popular tourist destination, there is a wide selection of clubs and bars in the Paceville & St Julians area, but only a few cater specifically to gay customers and their friends. One of the most popular gay bar in Malta is Morpheus Bar/Lounge. Morpheus has the ability to mimic any...

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Shopping at The Point Malta

Tigne Point in Sliema was the site of British-era military barracks, which fell into disrepair in 1979 when the forces left Malta. Earmarked for development, the structures were demolished in 2001 and since then the site has been developed in to a multi-purpose destination for shopping, living, work and leisure. The Point shopping centre was opened on Monday 29th March 2010, by Malta’s Prime Minister, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi. With a central piazza, the shopping centre is on three levels with 14,000 square meters of retail space. At present there are over 50 retailers with a presence at The Point...

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10 Amazing Facts to know before Travelling to Malta

Malta is a nation situated in the Mediterranean Sea, in between North Africa and Europe. The densely nation is around 90-95 km to the south of Sicily. It is composed of seven islands, of which only three are inhabited. Malta is one of the smallest most densely populated countries with an estimated area of 316 km2. The country has been invaded a large number of time due to its strategic location. The country is mainly dominated catholic in faith. Here are some facts about the nation: (1) The airlines There are many deals for flights especially from other locations to Malta especially during the winter and fall months. These opportunities’ booked in advance in most cases. Tourists should also know that many airlines to Malta, offer cumbrous conditions for the taller traveller, especially in regard to leg space. (2) Lack of English in certain areas Despite English being an official language in the Malta, not everyone speaks it well. However, this holds a fact for a few Maltese drivers who run the bus system. Tourists, should double check that they are heading to the correct destination if they suspect that a driver or other employees is not fluent in English language. (3) Siestas, Sundays and holidays For instance, the pharmacies are closed during the afternoons and on Sundays. Therefore, check the hours of the places you want to visit...

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