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Author: Martin Calleja Urry

Gyms in Malta

The last two decades have witnessed gyms popping up all over the Maltese islands, as the Western world continues its obsession with fitness and healthy living. From state-of-the-art gyms and sports clubs to smaller health resorts, your exercise goals can be fulfilled in a number of locations. One of the best gyms is the Ta’ Qali Health & Fitness Centre, open 24 hours a day during the week. It boasts a huge selection of weight lifting and cardiovascular machines, as well as a heated pool for those looking to cool off after an intense session. Frequented by sports professionals...

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Best Places for Children

Malta is a great place to raise a family, with a low crime rate, free healthcare and free education. Despite being small in size, there’s a good variety of places to visit to entertain the little ones, depending on the season. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, there’s something out there for every child. In the Summer time, children love nothing more than to play in the sand by the sea shore, and Malta has many beautiful sandy beaches. The most popular is “Ghadira Bay” located in Mellieha, and is frequented by families from all across Malta. Not too far...

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Gaming in Malta

The local gaming community is comprised of a tightly-knit group of passionate console crusaders. While video games have had us button bashing for a few decades now, only recently has the Maltese movement began to “level up”. Whether it’s a souped-up PC or an eighth-generation entertainment system, players out there are raking in the XP right now. Sony’s PlayStation exploded onto the Maltese market in the late nineties. It’s fair to postulate that its impact broadened the gaming audience in Malta, effectively creating a snowball effect. However, it took years until local gamers evolved from a group of leaderless...

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Maltese Hip-hop Scene

The Maltese hip-hop scene continues to remain underground, despite a number of talented individuals in the mix. While the culture flourishes in the USA and mainland Europe, the general Maltese public never grasped its’ core concepts. In a country full of electronic music lovers, rockers and pop fans, rap is far down the pecking order. The term “hip-hop” is often incorrectly used as a reference to rap music. It’s actually an umbrella term used to describe a subculture jam-packed with exciting forms of self-expression. These include, but are not limited to: rap music, break dancing, graffiti writing and DJ’ing....

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Malta’s 3D Printing Store

Malta is rapidly becoming Europe’s tiny technological hotspot. With a national digital strategy underway and an ever-growing population of educated, tech-savvy graduates, it’s no surprise that Malta embraces every technological trend with open arms. The latest wave of innovation to hit the island is 3D printing. It works by printing layers of material such as metal, plastic or biomaterial, breathing life into a basic 3D model. At the forefront of the local industry is ‘Malta 3D Printing’, an online store with an office in Birkirkara. Led by David Nikolai Andrews, their business model focuses on customisation and step-by-step customer...

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