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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Art Exhibition in Gozo

Anastasia Ponyatovskaya Pace, a painter and artist of Polish descent, has been living in Malta for more than 13 years. During these years, her artworks were exhibited in a number of local museums and public spaces, such as the Parliament building in Valletta, Mater Dei Hospital in Msida, Il-Ħaġar Museum in Victoria, Gozo, and Palazzo de Piro in Mdina. Previously, the artist, who originally studied at the Academy of Arts in Moldova for five years, exhibited her works in other parts of the world, including Russia, Poland and Istanbul. Anastasia, who bases her artworks on local mythology, legends and...

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Chellcy Reitsma’s New Single “Black Water”

Black, black water flooding my mind you don’t know what you got boy until I say goodbye Black, black water flooding my mind we were born to suffer life has not been kind A haunting stream of voices leads us to the traditional sound of the harmonica, keening a sad lullaby, as Chellcy Reitsma‘s clean vocals tell us a story about resolution, empowerment, and the will to make one’s own choices, even though these may result in someone else’s sadness and pain. This is “Black Water”, Chellcy Reitsma’s third single, released in mid-June. California-born Chellcy relocated to Malta as...

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Pablo Picasso in Malta

Following Antonio Banderas’ work-related visit to our islands while he was working on the set for the forthcoming National Geographic Season 2 of the T.V series ‘Genius’, and portraying the great artist Pablo Picasso, a large number of the Spanish painter’s actual paintings are currently on exhibit in our shores. More specifically, the exhibition is taking place at the Grandmaster’s Palace, in Saint George Square Valletta. It opened its doors on the 7th of April and will be available to the general public until the 30th of June. This exhibition is part of a major international project titled ‘Picasso-Méditerranée’,...

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The Astronomical Alignment of Maltese Neolithic Temples

Malta’s temples are a magnificent testimony to the Neolithic temple culture which flourished on our islands between 3600 and 2500BC. They can be said to correspond with contemporary and similar monuments found in England, Ireland and Northern France, and their architectonic alignment to sunrises and sunsets reflects religious archetypes which have been perpetuated since prehistoric times. Despite the destruction, decay and reconstructions Maltese temples have had to withstand over the millenia, their original alignment can still be ascertained since the foundation walls and the axes of the buildings are still well preserved. The ancient people of Malta were always...

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Earth Garden Festival

Every year during the past 12 years, the beginning of Summer in Malta has been characterised by a particular unmissable event. This is the Earth Garden Festival – an outdoor non-mainstream music festival supported by the Malta Tourism Authority and held at Ta Qali, at the limits of Attard in central Malta. Promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the Earth Garden is not only one more excuse to meet up and have fun, it is also a way for both local and international bands and artists to show their ecological verve in an atmosphere of positivity, a feast of colours, sounds...

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