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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Discovering Ħasan Cave in Birżebbuġa

The cave of ‘Ħasan’ or ‘Għar Ħasan’, which, legend says, was once the hide-out of a 12th century Saracen rebel, lies within the cliff-bound coastline south of Birżebbuġa, 2 kilometres south-west of Kalafrana. Ħasan’s Cave is approximately 387 metres in length and is to be found 70 metres above sea-level. The views from the cave itself are amazingly beautiful. Situated on a narrow precipice and commanding spectacular views of sheer rock-faces and brilliant blue sea, the experience is definitely worth the effort. To enter the cave, one can leave his/her car in the nearby parking lot, and then make...

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Maltese Currency and Banks

Although the islands of Malta sit right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, there are still tourists and foreigners who seem to be confused as to which currency is used locally. Malta’s own currency, which is today obsolete, used to be the Maltese Lira, or Lm for short. As of the 31st of December 2008, the Maltese Lira was completely replaced by the Euro, at the fixed exchange rate of €1 per 0.4293 lira. As of today, there exist eight kinds of local valid coin types, and since each Euro country has its own different design for its...

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How to spend Saint Valentine’s Eve

Once again, what is probably one of the most debated and vilified dates on the yearly calendar is approaching. Valentine’s Day – singles say it’s over-rated, others rightly highlight the fact that one needs to show love all days of the year not on one particular day, there are those who maintain that it is nothing but the product of a capitalistic society, while on the other hand certain couples go into an orgy of roses, posed photos, pink-wrapped gifts and love poems. Whatever your cup of tea, my philosophy is that any excuse is a good one to...

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The Snake Show

With Valletta’s transformation into the European Capital of Culture 2018, a number of cultural events, talks, exhibitions and activities started enhancing our capital city, promoting and highlighting our multi-varied traditional heritage, as well as adding colour and verve to an already beautiful and enchanting historical location. FRAGMENTA, a cultural platform presenting contemporary art in the form of pop-up public exhibitions, is a cultural programme supported by Valletta 2018, whose mission is to offer exposure to current local and foreign artists in order to titillate our senses and evolve our mental faculties. One of these events – the exhibition with...

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Malta and Sicily – What do they have in Common?

Living on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea definitely has its advantages, and being in an optimal location to travel easily and visit many of the most beautiful countries in Europe, is not the least of these. Throughout the years, Malta’s location has always been of prime interest to different countries and individuals in power. Phoenicians and Carthaginian sailors and merchants used Malta’s specific location in order to further their trade and explore new lands. The Greeks and Romans were more than happy to manage such an archipelago for this reason, as well as to enhance...

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