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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Romantic Country Walks in Malta

The weather is warm, the skies are clear, the flowers are in bloom and the birds are singing. Spring is the time to be alive, the time to fall in love, to cultivate new relationships and re-new long-term ones. As the days grow longer and nature wakes up all around us, Malta becomes a green jewel surrounded by cool blue seas. Now is not the time to stay inside watching T.V or doing chores, life clamours for us to go out and enjoy our surroundings. Some places inspire our romantic side and bring forth our inner nature more than...

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Traditional Maltese Pies

The Maltese love pies (‘torti’ is the plural in Maltese, with ‘torta’ being one pie). Apart from being delicious, these baked envelopes of pastry dough containing a number of possible savoury fillings are quite practical, in that they are not only easy to store but also as a means of using leftover ingredients or parts of other meals. Pies can be either sweet or savoury, making them a versatile dish which can be served either as main course or dessert. Since Malta traditionally favours a number of local ingredients, some of which are seasonal, traditional Maltese pies, especially savoury...

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Marsaxlokk Fish Market

The sun glitters magically on the blue Mediterranean sea, tiny coloured boats bob up and down in the harbour, while weathered men and women set up a large number of small stalls all around the bay, showcasing a marvellous array of fresh fish, plump fruit, and other local produce. This is Marsaxlokk fish market, the perfect destination for anyone wanting to spend a jolly and tasty Sunday morning. Marsaxlokk, a small village located on the south-eastern part of Malta, has an old history as a port. In the 9th century, it was here that the Phoenicians first landed and...

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Valletta Film Festival 2017

This month will be seeing the 3rd edition of the Valletta Film Festival, which first opened its doors in 2015. The Valletta Film Festival, along with five other cultural annual events, is funded by Arts Council Malta under the festival section of the Cultural Partnership Agreements scheme. The aim is for this film festival to be recognised as a premier film festival in the Mediterranean region by 2020. Organised by Film Grain Foundation, the Valletta Film Festival exhibits over 50 films per year, and hosts hundreds of film professionals. During the past two years, over 15,000 people attended the...

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Rabbit Stew

Although many may find it unusual, considering rabbits to be mere fluffy pets, rabbit stew (stuffat tal-fenek) is considered to be Malta’s national signature dish. It is so popular in fact, that it has become part of our family traditions and social culture. Groups of friends and family members traditionally meet up to enjoy a ‘fenkata’, together, that is, a meal focussing on dishes containing rabbit meat, and rabbit sauce, as well as other traditional delicacies. Many restaurants around the islands specialise in cooking rabbit, and in offering specific related offers and/or events for all the family. ‘Laħam tal-fenek’...

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