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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Gender Equality & Domestic Violence

In recent years, Malta has done giant steps when it comes to gender equality, the rights of the LGBT community, as well as gender liberation. However, although the perspective on human rights and identity has started to shift, the realities of daily life are slower to follow. Lately, a number of studies have shown that women in Malta are far behind those in other European countries in a number of sectors and positions. For example, Eurostat reported that while ‘on average, the percentage of women on boards in the EU is 24.6 per cent’, as of 2017, in Malta...

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Where are the Best Areas to Live in Malta?

Although the Maltese archipelago is relatively a small one, it still offers a huge number of choices when it comes to residential opportunities. First and foremost, when choosing a place to live on the island, one must consider one’s wants and needs. If, for example, one wants to live near his or her place of work, that is quite understandable, and here the size of our island comes into play, since as Malta is not so large, almost everywhere can be said to be located within a stone’s throw of every other location. Traffic, of course, must always be...

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Which Christmas Panto to Watch this Year?

It’s that time of the year again – Panto-time! All the year round adults and children alike wait for December. Some wait breathlessly to decorate their homes and halls with ivy, candles, flashing lights, tinsel and Christmas trees, others wait for the events which Christmas-time brings with it, while others still look forward to meeting with friends and family members on this joyous festivity. I admit that personally, one of the things I look forward to most during the month of December, is the Christmas Pantomime. This yearly fantastic display of talent combines song, acting, dancing, not to mention...

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Christmas 2017 Events

Christmas in Malta seems to be starting earlier and earlier each year, with people starting to think about decorating their homes almost as soon as Halloween is over at end of October. It is in fact mid-November and I’m already spotting lights in windows and people buying presents, not to mention shops already fully equipped with new Christmas decorations and selling advent calendars. Last but certainly not least, Malta, like each year, is again offering a huge number of Christmas themed events and fairs targeting everyone, from children, to families, young people, friends and collegues. ‘The Perfect Christmas Gift...

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The Food Bank’s Reverse Advent Calendar

As most families gather cosily on their sofas each evening during the cold winter months, others who are not so fortunate, barely make ends meet, scrounging hard to gather enough resources and food. This is where ‘The Food Bank’ comes in. A ‘food bank’ is generally an NGO-directed or charitable organisation which, through sponsors, donors and helpers, provides food and daily supplies to those who need them most. The old, the sick, the infirm, or those very poor families who are, perhaps, passing through a tough time, and who need a helping hand. While the first food bank in...

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