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Author: Melisande Aquilina

The Astronomical Alignment of Maltese Neolithic Temples

Malta’s temples are a magnificent testimony to the Neolithic temple culture which flourished on our islands between 3600 and 2500BC. They can be said to correspond with contemporary and similar monuments found in England, Ireland and Northern France, and their architectonic alignment to sunrises and sunsets reflects religious archetypes which have been perpetuated since prehistoric times. Despite the destruction, decay and reconstructions Maltese temples have had to withstand over the millenia, their original alignment can still be ascertained since the foundation walls and the axes of the buildings are still well preserved. The ancient people of Malta were always...

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Earth Garden Festival

Every year during the past 12 years, the beginning of Summer in Malta has been characterised by a particular unmissable event. This is the Earth Garden Festival – an outdoor non-mainstream music festival supported by the Malta Tourism Authority and held at Ta Qali, at the limits of Attard in central Malta. Promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the Earth Garden is not only one more excuse to meet up and have fun, it is also a way for both local and international bands and artists to show their ecological verve in an atmosphere of positivity, a feast of colours, sounds...

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Dr Klown

In 1998, the Hollywood movie ‘Patch Addams., starring Robin Williams as a doctor who uses humour to help patients through the power of positivity, was introduced to our screens. Although the movie itself received negative criticism, the idea of cheering up patients in hospitals and making them feel better emotionally, as well as physically, took hold. Patch Addams’ red clown nose, which he used as a prop to make children in hospital wards laugh and forget their pains and suffering for a moment, became iconic in that it brought to mind the feelings and thoughts expressed in the movie,...

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The National Museum of Natural History

Natural history can be defined as being ‘the study of natural objects… the study of plants, animals, and sometimes ancient human civilizations’ (Merriam Webster Dictionary). This encompasses scientific research, but is not limited to it, being an ever-evolving discipline stemming back from the studies of Aristotle and other philosophers in the ancient world, continuing during the Middle Ages, and being further defined with the onset of scientific biology and disciplines such as zoology, palaeontology, botany and geology, amongst others. In Malta, those interested in learning more about our islands’ origins and local natural history, can visit the National Museum...

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Places to visit in Malta for FREE

When people start thinking about going abroad, one of the first things they generally ask is whether the country they are interested in is ‘expensive’ or not. What they are referring to of course, is not the normal cost of living, since they will probably only be there for a week or two at the most, but whether tickets to interesting places and/or events are worth it, how much can dinner cost, and whether you have to break the bank every time you go out, if you really want to enjoy yourself. Fortunately, many natural attractions and amazing places...

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