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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Malta Book Festival

The yearly Malta Book Festival is perhaps the most important literary event within our islands. Previously known as ‘the Book Fair’, this event was re-named a ‘Book Festival’ three years ago, in an effort to change its image from a purely commercial one, to one emphasizing a marked education and cultural content. During this event, local publishers, authors, bookstores and other entities related to the literary world have to opportunity to get under one roof and showcase their new material. It is also a great opportunity for newly published, as well as more experienced writers to relate and tackle...

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Traditional Maltese Lace

It is said that cotton in Malta was first introduced by the Arabs in around 870 A.D. Maltese women quickly became experts in weaving and dying, and during the time of the Order of the Knights of Saint John, the making of lace (‘bizzilla’) was highly-prized, especially since this craft was very popular, and demand for lace-making continued to increase. Weaving, embroidery and lace-making were encouraged, both by the Church and the local aristocracy, who loved to adorn themselves and their clothes with it. Life in Malta and Gozo was relatively harsh and craft industries became a main source...

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The President’s Solidarity Fun Run

Following last year’s amazing turnout and enthusiastic increase in participation, it is apparent that the President’s Fun Run has become a yearly staple within the national Maltese calendar of events. The Fun Run is a national activity aimed at promoting joy, sportsmanship, community, and solidarity, and will once more be taking place this year for its 8th edition under the common banner of ‘One Nation, One Heartbeat’. The President’s Solidarity Fun Run 2016, in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, was first launched at the Kirkop Sports Complex on 23 October, where President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca...

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Having Fun at the Autumn Festival!

The season of autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. Technically, autumn starts on the 21st of September with the autumn equinox, that is, when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south, thereby denoting longer nights and shorter days, as well as colder weather. In Malta this year, it is only during the last few days that we have been really feeling the nippy chill of autumn, if not winter. Gone are the skimpy clothes and short-sleeved t-shirts, and out came our scarves, fluffy socks, and jackets. In most countries, the season of autumn is...

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The Maltese Farmhouse

During the early middle ages, living on an isolated farm could be very dangerous, especially before the arrival of the Order of the Knights of Saint John in 1530. Since at the time, the Maltese islands were threatened frequently by pirate raids, the earliest complexes of Maltese farmhouses were built towards the central part of the islands. The ones built near the sea coast were usually to be found in areas which were not easily accessible, for example in cliff areas. The Maltese farmhouse (‘razzett’) were generally either found in the open countryside encircled by patches of fields enclosed...

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