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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Qormi Bread Festival

After Notte Bianca in Valletta at the end of September, and Birgufest in Vittoriosa at the beginning of October, the island of Malta will be hosting yet another important cultural event, promoting the heritage and traditions of a particular locality. This is Casal Fornaro, or the Bread Festival, which will be taking place in the village of Qormi on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October. The village of Qormi has been known for its excellent bread and dough products since the time of the Knights of the Order of Saint John, who called Qormi “Casal Fornaro”, meaning “The Baker’s Town”....

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Birgufest 2016

Offering numerous cultural activities and means of entertainment, live shows and a beautiful historic background, Birgufest has become an annual national event, whose aim is to highlight Birgu (also known as Vittoriosa), and its value as a city reflecting in full the Maltese heritage. This year, it will be taking place from Friday 7th October to Sunday 9th October. Organised by the Birgu Local Council, together with the Malta Tourism Authority and various other sponsors, this year’s three-day event will mark the 11th edition of this extravaganza – a plethora of musical performances, historical re-enactments, succulent food stalls, educational...

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Maltese Fireworks

Malta is very well known for its traditional village Festas, celebrating local Parish Patron Saints. One of the most important features which characterise a Maltese Festa, are surely its fireworks or ‘logħob tan-nar‘. These pyrotechnic displays, full of colour and expression, serve as precursors to the celebration, as well as accentuating it, and performing during its climax. It is commonly believed that fireworks in Malta first originated during the medieval period, when the Order of the Knights of Saint John used to fire their muskets, as well as explosives lit from mortars (‘maskli’) as an expression of acknowledgment, respect,...

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Top 5 Wine Bars in Malta

During the last 10 years or so, the concept of the Wine Bar has gained in popularity, becoming an actual trend with not just the ‘young adult’ crowd, but also a way to unwind and relax for people of the older generations as well. In Malta, many places labelled as ‘wine-bars’ are actually a hybrid of a coffee shop, lounge, pub and entertainment venue, often providing live performances, and a themed decor. Most such wine bars serve not just alcoholic drinks, but also a sumptuous array of platters, tit-bits, traditional focaccie, and hors d’oeuvres. The atmosphere and style of...

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The Maltese ‘Girna’

The Maltese ‘girna’ or corbelled stone hut, is perhaps the most primitive vernacular structure in the Maltese Islands. It is normally found in the Maltese countryside, and is basically a single room erected using undressed unplastered stones, with the aim of providing shelter for farmers and herdsmen and/or their livestock. The ‘girna’ is generally very small, having only one single plain room. Many ‘giren’ are even incorporated into rubble walls surrounding fields. The ‘girnas’ ceiling is generally shaped like a dome, while the external wall is usually circular, though in rare cases it can also be square, rectangular or oval-shaped....

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