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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Maltese Wayside Chapels

The Maltese Islands are a beautiful maze of historical buildings, medieval streets and winding alleys, sporting both the modern aspect of bustling life, as well as more traditional rural characteristics, which take us back to our roots. The rural environment of these islands indeed features its own particular treasures, offering a landscape not only replete with a variety of flora and fauna, but also full with colourful depictions of the Maltese heritage, like rubble walls, corbelled stone huts, windmills, as well as a large number of small wayside chapels which pepper the countryside, as well as most villages. These...

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Best 5 Pizzerias in Malta

Maltese cuisine is very much influenced by our next door neighbouring country, Italy. Starting from tasty pasta, to delicious sauces, creamy desserts, and a rich focus on delicatessen and milk-products, the Maltese have never hidden the fact that although they prize their own traditional recipes, they are also used to borrowing, embellishing, and diversifying other styles of cooking as well. The art of preparing Pizza, be it with a thin crunchy base or a deep-pan softer and more-filling one, is an old and revered practice in Malta. Pizzas can be open or closed, be prepared with a variety of...

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The Magnificent Fort Saint Elmo

Fort Saint Elmo, named after the patron saint of mariners, is a star-shaped medieval Fort in Valletta, Malta’s capital city. The bastioned structure stands on the peninsula between Marsamxett Harbour and the Grand Harbour, known as the Sciberras Peninsula, and commands the entrances to both. The first structure to be built in that location was an unassuming watchtower, erected by the Aragonese on Saint Elmo Point in 1488. Its strategic location and the Ottoman threat, made it plain that it needed to be rebuilt and reinforced. This is what the Knights of the Order of Saint John did during...

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My Favourite 5 Asian Restaurants

Malta is mostly well-known for its tasty Mediterranean food and diet. Considering the local abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, this is really not surprising, especially since our very own recipes are so good that foreigners are generally very curious about trying them out once they reach our shores. This however, does not mean that restaurants specialising in other cuisines, are not as good. On the contrary, I have personally visited many such restaurants and find most of them an experience to die for. Here’s a short list of my own favourite Asian restaurants. In order of preference of...

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Visiting Fort Saint Angelo

The 8th of September in Malta is a very special date. It marks the National Holiday of Victory Day, which celebrates the victory of the Knights of the Order of Saint John in 1565. This Victory marked the end of the Great Siege, which took place when the Ottoman Empire tried to invade the island. This year’s celebration of this important day includes a fun, entertaining and educational day for all the family, which will also give history-buffs and architecture lovers the opportunity to visit the beautiful Fort of Saint Angelo, at an admission price of €2. Fort Saint...

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