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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Pablo Picasso in Malta

Following Antonio Banderas’ work-related visit to our islands while he was working on the set for the forthcoming National Geographic Season 2 of the T.V series ‘Genius’, and portraying the great artist Pablo Picasso, a large number of the Spanish painter’s actual paintings are currently on exhibit in our shores. More specifically, the exhibition is taking place at the Grandmaster’s Palace, in Saint George Square Valletta. It opened its doors on the 7th of April and will be available to the general public until the 30th of June. This exhibition is part of a major international project titled ‘Picasso-Méditerranée’,...

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Earth Garden Festival

Every year during the past 12 years, the beginning of Summer in Malta has been characterised by a particular unmissable event. This is the Earth Garden Festival – an outdoor non-mainstream music festival supported by the Malta Tourism Authority and held at Ta Qali, at the limits of Attard in central Malta. Promoting an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the Earth Garden is not only one more excuse to meet up and have fun, it is also a way for both local and international bands and artists to show their ecological verve in an atmosphere of positivity, a feast of colours, sounds...

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Dr Klown

In 1998, the Hollywood movie ‘Patch Addams., starring Robin Williams as a doctor who uses humour to help patients through the power of positivity, was introduced to our screens. Although the movie itself received negative criticism, the idea of cheering up patients in hospitals and making them feel better emotionally, as well as physically, took hold. Patch Addams’ red clown nose, which he used as a prop to make children in hospital wards laugh and forget their pains and suffering for a moment, became iconic in that it brought to mind the feelings and thoughts expressed in the movie,...

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The Tarxien Temples

Although cremation in Malta is still illegal at present, Malta’s oldest crematorium came into existence long before the Maltese Planning Authority itself. This was way back in 2,500 BC, when the Tarxien Temples, situated in the South Eastern region of Malta, were converted from a megalithic temple into a crematorium cemetery, in the early Bronze Age. The Tarxien Temple archaeological complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the oldest temples in the Maltese Islands, dating back approximately to 3600BC. Following the discovery of the Tarxien Hypogeum in 1913 situated only 400 metres away, it was...

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Maltese Herbs: Sage

Wild sage (Salvia Selvaġġa in Maltese) is an indigenous plant, originating in the Maltese islands before man. It is to be found frequently in garigues rich in soil, rocky places, roadsides and valley-sides. It flowers between October and June and may reach a height of 60 centimetres and a spread of 45 centimetres. Sage has a very pleasant scent and is easily recognisable from its light grey-green, velvety leaves. Sage is a perennial evergreen subshrub of the mint family. Its flowers are white, blue or purple and it has a long history of medicinal and culinary use in the...

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