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Author: Melisande Aquilina

Malta Comic Con

Gamers, manga lovers, anime fans and cosplayers are once again looking forward to the first week of December, when the annual Maltese Comic Con will be taking place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, on the 2nd and 3rd of the month. The Malta Comic Con, a two-day event organized by Wicked Comics, has become a yearly staple after its inception in 2009. Wicked Comics, a Voluntary Organisation whose aim is that of promoting the comic culture, continues to evolve and improve this event year after year, inspiring both local artists, as well as others from diverse countries, to be...

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Minimalism and Why it Doesn’t Work

Minimalism is a trend which has been slowly infecting our Maltese shores during the last few years. The precepts of Minimalism embrace the aim of achieving freedom through the voiding of materialistic trappings which are accumulated in relation to a capitalistic-minded society. Originally, the onset of Minimalist per se originated as a term describing visual arts in the post-war Western world of the 1960s and 1070s. Personally, I understand the concept, and it seems to make sense at a first glance, however, taking a long-term approach, the Minimalist agenda ends up not only being unpractical, but actually going against...

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Weird Maltese Exclamations

Each country, and each language, has its own quirks and foibles, its own particular witticisms, metaphors, idioms, and referential exclamatory remarks. Outsiders, tourists, or those who are not born and raised in a particular country, might find certain bywords, sayings or declarations hard to understand. Worse still, they might look for a straightforward translation, which would completely miss the mark in that, more often than not, in these cases a straightforward translation is impossible. One must look into the context, the situation, and sometimes even the connection between speakers, in order to elucidate the whole meaning of such assertions....

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Murder on the Orient Express

When detective novel-writer Agatha Christie penned the famous book ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in 1934, she surely wasn’t picturing the events of the plot taking place in the little island of Malta. The story in fact, centres around the Orient Express, a long-distance passenger train service which was much in use in the late 19th century, and which crossed most of the largest cities of Europe, leaving from London to Calais, Paris, and then diverging through Strasbourg, Zurich and Milan, while finishing its routes at Athens and Istanbul. Malta did not feature in the train’s route at all,...

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4 Controversial Maltese Facebook Groups

The aim of Facebook groups is that of bringing together people who share the same common interests, those who are looking for a particular service, or even those who desire a place to air their views and trade experiences and opinions. However at times, instead of learning and sharing, group members end up arguing and even quarreling, escalating a simple discussion into a war of words. Facebook groups can have different privacy settings. They can be ‘Public’, which means that anyone can join, see the content of the group’s posts, as well as the identity of the other members....

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