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Author: Nicola Collins

A Ganutell Revival

The art of making artificial flowers dates back centuries, however Ganutell was solely derived here in Malta, being adapted from making flowers from materials such as paper, shells, beads and cloth with initial skills brought to Malta from mainland Europe, predominantly Italy. Deriving from the Italian word ‘canutiglia’ meaning tinsel, Ganutell, the intricate art of using fine wires, thread and beads to form ornate flower and leaf decoration, dates to, as far as records show, the 17th century. ‘The Tree of Life’ a Ganutell piece of artwork held in a private house in Rabat has a small piece of...

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The Creation of Valletta

Valletta is steeped in history. Depicted in its predominantly Baroque architecture, museums, galleries and numerous monuments and statues which all tell their own unique story of different times of Valletta’s history. it’s not surprising that the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Created in 1565 following the Great Siege of Malta, Valletta was named after Jean Parisot de Valette, a French nobleman who became the 49th Grand Master of the Order of Malta after leading the Knights Hospitaller to a successful siege of the island. Described as a ‘city built by gentlemen for gentlemen’. Italian military engineer...

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Hearts of Gold at Noah’s Ark

Fourteen years ago, amid agricultural land in the Paradise Bay area of Mellieha, a disused rabbit breeding farm and adjacent land was to become the home of Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary. In a state of disrepair, the area was taken over by local business owner Fabio Ciappara and dentist, Mark Vella Bardon and work began. Noah’s Ark was the brain child of Fabio, who after taking a walk one day in Ahrax, Mellieha, came across a neglected dog wandering alone across the land and rummaging for food. The dog was in appalling condition and not surprisingly was terrified people,...

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