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Author: Rhi Malta

Burger Joints in Malta

I believe that all meat eaters love a good burger. I’m not talking about fast food or junk food, but perfectly cooked, pink in the middle, juicy as you like, piled high with salad and sauces type burgers. In Malta there are plenty of burger joints to choose from, but which are the best? Here I’ve compiled a list of my tried and tested favourites! Badass Burgers @ St Julians– has to be the royalty of burger joints in Malta. They have the widest range of bunned delights that I’ve ever seen, with various types of meats, sauces, salad...

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Rocky Beaches in Malta

Malta is full of sandy beaches and they are absolutely beautiful – a must see if you are visiting the island on holiday. However, beauty aside, a sandy beach is not where I like to enjoy my precious days off if I really want to relax and enjoy myself. I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of sand. It’s a nice idea and looks pretty, but it just gets everywhere – in your food, on your towel, all over your body, in your eyes … I could go on. For this reason, every summer,...

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Graffiti in Malta

Graffiti isn’t really a big part of Malta. It’s not a big problem like in other countries I’ve visited where all buildings, plain or grand, are destroyed with ugly scrawling, profanities and illegible, ignorant political agendas. I have admiration for talented street artists but 99% of the time graffiti is not street art it is ugly, ruins the whole area around it and is, ultimately, meaningless. I feel so proud to live in a country where it’s not commonplace for people to deface others property and ruin the grandeur of glorious old buildings, or spoil the clean, minimalist look...

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Lunch at J’Oli in Sliema

Sliema is a hub of activity- it’s the main point of shopping on the island and a large percentage of the population live and work in this bustling town. Whether you live, work, or are spending a day shopping in Sliema, you’ll need ideas of where to go for lunch and J’Oli is the perfect destination. J’Oli is a sandwich bar that opened in March 2014 and serves sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, salads as well as heartier options like pasta, char grills and more. J’Oli is the perfect lunch place in Sliema if you want something healthy and delicious. They...

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Chase Distillery comes to Malta

Chase Distillery is an independent family run single estate distillery, originating in Hertfordshire, England. I’m from Hertfordshire myself so this story is quite close to my heart and it’s great to see something from home doing so well on this little island in the middle of the Med! William Chase grew up in Hertfordshire and began his working life as a potato farmer. Disillusioned with the supermarket mentality he decided to branch out and began making his potatoes in to Tyrrells crisps. For his next challenge he began using his potatoes another way- to make drinks! The first batch...

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