Laundry & dry cleaning services in Malta.Laundry and the washing of clothes is an important factor in everyone’s lives so the need to have this service at hand is crucial to a decent existence. In Malta, the vast bulk of the washing is done at home and with the ever increasing quality of washing machines and tumble driers, this has become quite an easy chore for everyone but the most housework resistant dunce. However for those who do not have the time for such chores, a number of laundries and self-improvised options are quite readily available.

One of the earliest traditions in Malta is the public wash basin of which a couple still remain. The Msida area known as Ghajn tal-Hasselin (Spring of the Washers) is still there although you would be hard pressed to find those who would use it these days. A more reliable option would be the spring in Fontana (it-Triq ta’ l-Ghajn) in Gozo but that is used for washing cars mostly although there are some old fashioned women who still wash their clothes there.

Laundries and dry cleaning services come in various shapes and sizes but one of the best is Portughes Dry Cleaning in Swieqi. Here, the service is extremely efficient, mostly on a day to day basis meaning that if you take your clothes on one day, they will probably be ready in a day or two. Larger and more bulky items such as suits and carpet cleaning take a little longer but there’s no denying the quality that this household name provides.

Another well-known laundry that provides a good service is Arena Laundries in Gzira. These are similar to Portughes Dry Cleaning and have a network of drivers and vans who can pick up your clothes or bulky laundry. There is also a self-service option for those who would rather take their clothes themselves and wait for them to be ready. Other laundries include Queen’s Laundry in Mosta and Snowhite Laundry in Qormi where you can find a similarly good service with the latter specialising in bed linen. Most hotels also have vast laundry services but these usually cater for their clients and patrons. At one time, the Phoenicia Hotel used to provide a laundry service for clients outside the hotel but this closed down some years ago due to the change in ownership. However the options for laundry are few and far between since this is not an established culture in Malta.