Lawyers firms in Malta.There are a good number of law firms in Malta, ranging from sole-practitioners to firms such as Ganado and Associates with over twenty-five lawyers in practice. The University of Malta has a large Faculty of Laws and it’s one of the oldest Faculties at the University.

Within the Maltese legal system it is the only institution in Malta authorised to award the degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D). This is still required today in order to qualify as an Lawyer, Magistrate or Judge in The Republic of Malta.

In addition to being a teaching institution, the Law Faculty serves as the national centre of excellence for research into Maltese Law. With such a large faculty, many University students study law and train to become lawyers.

Different firms specialize in different aspects of law and can service both Maltese and foreigners living in Malta. It’s also important to know who specializes in what discipline. The different specializations within the Maltese Legal system include:

  • Banking, insurance and financial services,
  • Commercial litigation,
  • Company law,
  • e-Commerce and IT
  • Family law,
  • iGaming,
  • Intellectual property,
  • International law,
  • Shipping,
  • Taxation law.

The larger firms, such as Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, Ganado and Associates, Fenech and Fenech Advocates, Mamo TCV Advocates, just click for more info on reliable Advocates tend to have members with skills spanning across several disciplines, whereas smaller firms may only have expertise in one or two areas. Some firms specialize in a particular area, for example Zammit and Associates concentrate on business law and WH Law have found a niche working with the iGaming and IT-related sector, which is thriving in Malta. Smaller firms, and you can check them out here, tend to concentrate on civil law and litigation for individuals and smaller businesses.

Many firms are geared up for foreign clients with correspondents in many countries abroad. Help us build a comprehensive list of lawyers in Malta, by leaving your feedback below!