yellow-pages-maltaThe term ‘Yellow Pages’ in Malta has always been synonymous with efficiency and precision. The ‘Yellow Pages’ is a comprehensive directory of all the businesses, services, shops and professionals in Malta and Gozo. It is a helpline for those in need of such persons and services, as well as serving as a promotional tool for any business.

The Yellow Pages distributes, free of charge, over 180,000 yearly hard copies of their directory to homes, offices and hotels. Moreover each year, the ‘old’ copy of this heavy A4 book is later re-collected, and a new more updated copy, containing the newest businesses and stores which have opened during the past year, as well as those already established, is distributed once again.

Apart from this thick volume, which first started to be printed in 1997, The Yellow Pages can also be consulted online, as the corporation also makes use of a very up to date and informative website. The so-called ‘Yellow Team’ also presents a responsive mobile website, and a search Application available for iOS Android, as well as an ebook. These digital channels offer additional information such as opening hours, websites, photos, and additional links.

The printed format of the directory itself gives the reader complete contact details, such as the address of a business, the email address, and telephone number.

One could well ask why the printed version is still being disseminated in this day and age, particularly when everything is digitalised and it seems much easier and faster to access the internet wherever you are through, for example, one’s mobile phone, than it is to lug around a huge heavy book, or wait until one is home to check it for the service needed. Especially considering that more often than not, the online version of the Yellow Pages actually contains more information than the printed version.

One must keep in mind however, that not everyone is fully conversant with such facilities as the internet or Android. Elderly people, for example, have grown up consulting the Yellow Pages in its printed format, and may rarely, if ever, use any of the digital options.

The Yellow Pages is a resource for Maltese locals and foreigners alike, giving information and tips on hotels, catering establishments, services, stores, and much more. For more information one can visit:

Although this resource is the most popular locally, as well as being the one most used in general, there are a number of other local business directories one can consult if needed. Most of these can be found online free of charge.

One of these is Business Malta, which also provides a free iphone application. One can consult it at:

Another online business directory which is very user friendly is – This directory has an in-built facility which lets one peruse local hotels which are available according to any specific date.