Web design Malta.

With Malta being a small island and having a population of just over 400,000, many Maltese have friends and family overseas and they often keep in touch online. This means that the Maltese have a web-savvy culture, and the development of online shopping, services and other sites have mushroomed in the country over the past few years. With tourism playing a key part in Malta’s economy, hotels, restaurants and other outlets need a high-profile, international web-presence using one of the best wordpress hosting companies.

There are plenty of local web-design and digital marketing agency that cater for both anyone living in Malta and foreign markets.

These consultancies are sometimes contracted to undertake offshore development for organizations all over the world and provide DIY Tips: How to Boost Your SEO & Rankings. The development also includes SEO optimization performed by companies such as Victorious. Rates for web design can vary depending on the job at hand, but rates in Malta can be cheaper than those found in the rest of Europe. With Smart City taking off soon, a national IT park to rival Dubai’s Internet City in Jumeirah, such companies anticipate positive growth for the coming years. There is plenty of local talent available in the industry, with many having studied ICT or design at University in Malta or abroad.

One of the best wed design firms in Malta is Icon Studios. Having a wide portfolio of clients, the San Gwann based company provides web design and application services for an international customer base. Icon has designed and created the websites for Malta Freeport, Melita plc, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Gasan Group. Overseas, its clients include Palm Residences Libya, The Burj Al-Fateh Hotel in Khartoum and Algeria Cruise Services. Head Office us at JPR Buildings Taz-Zwejt Street, San Gwann, Malta. Telephone (+356) 21440080

Another well-known Malta-based web-consultancy is Alert Communications. Set up in 1998, the 20-strong team can provide a variety of services including web development and SEO services. Clients include Air Malta, Malta International Airport, Vodafone and JB Stores. They can be found at 258 Cannon Road, Santa Venera, Malta. Telephone (+356) 20601234

By searching online however, you will be able to find many more and should be able to compare their services.