There are many well-known Maltese personalities, but a guy with the surname “Malta” – Chris Malta – isn’t Maltese or living in Malta at all, but is one of the most famous online entrepreneurs in existence today.

Chris Malta is an expert Internet marketer who specialises in ecommerce marketing, EBiz and in particular, eBay. Chris is the original founder, CEO and Chairman of the product sourcing company, Worldwide Brands, and is generally recognised for helping people to run successful online businesses.

So, who is he and what’s his background? Chris started working at 16, as a dishwasher in a restaurant. Since then he’s been a teacher, a bartender, a nightclub manager, a bouncer and a bank clerk, amongst other things along the way. However, whilst doing these jobs for other people, he has always displayed a flair for business. At the age of 10, his mother introduced him to entrepreneurship, when he started selling wholesale gifts to neighbours for Christmas pocket money. He always felt from then on that being his own boss was his destiny and he proved that later in life – starting off with $500 in 1998 and then turning it into the 15 million dollar fortune that it has become today. He is one of the web’s leading authorities on the ecommerce business model and has been highly recommended by several e-marketing experts worldwide.

As well as running Worldwide Brands, Chris undertakes several other related roles:

  • Product Sourcing for eBay Radio doing live segments about finding wholesalers to work with online business owners;
  • Successful EBiz Author writing several free EBooks about doing business online as well as being published by some of the largest on and offline publishers;
  • EBiz Radio Show Host for ‘The Entrepreneur Magazine EBiz Radio Show’ for world-famous Entrepreneur Magazine for several years;
  • eBay Certified Solution Provider – Worldwide Brands, is an eBay Certified Solutions Provider.

Chris has a mantra that in business you have to be honest, without scamming, lying or cheating – something that he experienced from others when he was starting out in the online world. Chris Malta encourages people to email him with questions about online marketing whenever required.