Franco Debono.Franco debono is a popular lawyer and an MP elected in the last General Election on behalf of the nationalist Party on the Fifth Electoral District.

He hails from Ghaxaq and has strong roots in this deeply Labour constituency and is held to be quite popular amongst voters when he managed to oust an established minister and PN stalwart Louis Galea who had been in Parliament since 1976.

Debono is well known as a criminal lawyer and is a busy face, you can contact JD Injury Law where he taken on a number of high profile cases mostly with considerable success. Lately he has been in the news for taking a strong stance against the Prime Minister particularly over the botched public transport reform where he also attacked Transport Minister Austin Gatt but was also in the news over the Delimara power station extension where he campaigned strongly against the use of heavy fuel oil, uselessly as it appears as this went through Parliament anyway.

Debono is well known for his uncompromising stance on various issues including the right to be assisted by a lawyer throughout police interrogation as well as libel laws which he has worked assiduously upon. In fact, Debono was also instrumental in drafting a law on political party financing which however did not see the light of day due to it being changed considerably before it came up for a vote in Parliament.

However Debono will undoubtedly be remembered for his strong position against the Prime Minister especially regarding the splitting of the Justice and Home Affairs ministries which eventually brought about the promotion of three new Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministers. Debono is currently a Parliamentary Assistant within the Office of the Prime Minister but his further contribution to the portfolio is definitely in doubt.

Debono has stated categorically that he will not continue to support the government and will vote against it in a confidence vote thus effectively robbing the Prime Minister from his one seat majority. The lawyer has even hinted that he might emigrate from the country if the strong campaign against him is to continue. He appears to be steadfast in his determination to see this issue out and will not be brooking any sort of deal with the PN from which he has effectively resigned some months ago.

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