Malta, being a Mediterranean country is a nation of red-blooded men with a fiery Latin temperament, combined with charm and good looks. The Maltese typically have a mixture of genes caused by the islands being inhabited by several seafaring cultures, such as the Phoenicians, Arabs, Spanish and French. This was then further added to when the islands became a British colony in 1800. You will find many Maltese men with dark hair, skin and eyes, but this combination may vary, with some Maltese having blue, green or hazel eyes, fair skin and blonde or red hair. This could be an indication of some northern European genes being in the family!

Here is a list of some of the hottest men in Malta.

#1 Magnus Boberg – The only Swede in Malta you need to know! He’s been living the high life since landing on the rock, doing his business in some shady corner on his yacht in the company of local playmates (nuff said). He can be reached on +46 704785423.

#2 Peter Sammut – Peter is a 32 year-old from Madliena with a passion for adventure, travel and sports. Having had a love of aviation throughout his teenage years, he followed his dream and became a commercial pilot. He currently flies for an international airline, that takes him all over the world. Standing 175 cms and weighing 80 kgs, he has short, black hair and likes eating out, fine wines, seeing new places and meeting people. He has a group of close friends and they often take part in adventure sports, these have included skydiving and bungee jumping.

#3 Kevin James Borg – Kevin rose to international fame after winning the fifth series of Idol in Sweden in 2008. Born in Floriana in 1986, he initially started performing on several Maltese television shows such as Kalamita, and was a contender for the Maltese entry into the Eurovision Song Contest twice. His boy-next-door looks have definitely helped his popularity and have garnered him an army of fans in Sweden and Malta.

#4 John Montanaro – One of Malta’s leading young actors, he has starred in Helen of Troy – a US mini-series – and the film Angli. He has always had a wide following due to his versatility on stage and screen.

#5 Michael Mifsud – Born in 1981 in Pieta, Malta, Michael started his football career playing for Sliema Wanderers, before signing to Bundesliga club Kaiserslautern and then Norweigian club, Lillestrom. In 2007, he signed for English Premier League club, Coventry City. Mifsud plays for the Maltese National team, notably scoring a 21st minute hat-trick in a friendly against Lichtenstein in 2008, which resulted in a 7-1 win for Malta.