The local Music scene keeps on growing as more opportunities are provided to novice singers and musicians as we go along. Several song contests take place all year round, with the most prominent one being the Malta Eurovision song contest, as well as, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. We are indeed proud of the local talent; but despite of the number of singers and bands we hear constantly on TV, there are other hidden talents making their way out and slowly blooming.

The article you are about to read is about local singer Kelly Busuttil, who apart from having a talented voice, she also has a big heart. I had the opportunity to ask her a couple of questions with regards to the growth of her singing career, and her new single that has been released on Monday 13th November 2017. Her new song is called ‘Until we meet again’, with the main intention of commemorating Matthew Caruana’s death. It has been a year now from the heart-rending motorcycle accident which was greatly handled by lawyers in NY based personal injury statute of limitations on the Coast Road in Malta, which caused the death of Matthew Caruana at the young age of 25. This news has left his close friend Kelly and his family devastated. With the go ahead of Matthew’s family, Kelly wrote a song dedicated to him, reaching all of us who lost someone dear.

With this said, let’s get to know Kelly a little closer:

  1. How did you discover your talent and the love for singing?

I always tried to sing even when I could barely say a word! I was born in Belgium and our neighbour and family friend was a singer. His name was Louis. I used to watch him and his band sing, so I would imitate him and use anything that looked like a microphone to pretend I’m singing. At the age of 5 I started taking singing lessons and later on basic guitar lessons. At age 12, Louis died with cancer. It was so heart-breaking that I quit singing and music for a number of years. It was at the age of 20 i.e. six years ago that I realized singing could be a way to connect me to him and keep him with me. So I started taking singing lessons again and later started gigging in pubs and local events.

  1. Apart from the guitar, do you play other musical instruments? If yes, what?

I play some basic percussion, but still have got a lot to learn in that area. So far, I usually use the guitar to write lyrics and come up with new stuff, so that I can show the musicians what I have in mind.

  1. Do you have any family members who also sing?

Not really, they are more into sport. But I do have a cousin named Ryan Magro who is a really great guitarist.

  1. Can you mention some local events you have participated in?

There are Beland, Beerfest, Strummin’ concert, the Malta Marathon, and other smaller gigs.

  1. Do you write your own lyrics? What inspires you?

Yes, I do. I don’t know, really, it just happens. Some days I feel inspired and I just write things down and record the melody before it slips my mind. I tend to imagine the music melody in my head whilst writing the song.

  1. Do you have anything in the pipeline for the future?

I have just released a music video named ‘Until we meet again’. Some other songs are in the making, as I am collaborating with some musicians back in Malta even though I’m currently living in Rome.

  1. As you mentioned, your new single ‘Until we meet again’ is out. What is the main message of the song?

The new song and music video ‘Until we meet again’ has been a very special project to work on. It is a tribute to Matthew Caruana, a great friend and a great young man who has died in a motorcycle accident a year ago. I wrote the song a year ago and kept it to myself. But then I felt I had to keep his memory alive, so together with a group of great friends and musicians; namely Conrad Dimech (Producer at Blacklight Studios and bassist), Giuseppe Pecci (guitars), and Karl Dingli (drums), worked on building this project and planned to finish it off and realise it a year later. The song is dedicated to Matthew, to his family and to anyone who has lost someone dear. Its message is simple – losing someone is painful and heart-breaking, most times making you feel angry and frustrated at what happened. But then you realise that it is time to let go of anger even though you cannot understand why they had to leave so soon, you decide to smile because that is what they would want you to do. And so I choose to remember the good times until we meet again. 

For anyone who has not listened to the song yet, here is a direct link to the song:

For further updates just follow Kelly’s music page:

Here is a positive quote this singer abides by for motivation: “When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark, look for the stars”. Well done Kelly!