The article you are about to read, is about a very special and talented ten-year-old, called Leah Cauchi. Leah is a very promising singer and I am sure that when she comes of age, we will see her participating in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

Leah lives with her parents in Kalkara and started to take singing lessons at the tender age of seven. Her first appearance was in the festival called “Star Light”, which was organized by Joe Julian Farrugia and Ian Fenech on the 9th November 2014. Although it was her first entry in a professional festival, she came in third place. Needless to say, this shows how talented she is! Other festivals in which she took part were “Melody Singer Festival”, “Ilhna tal-Futur” and “Shine Singers Festival”. On the 4th April 2015, she was amongst the finalists in the prestigious festival of San Remo. During the same month, she participated in “Eurostars” where she was chosen to take part in prominent festivals in Romania called “Music for Kids” and “Volare”. “Music for Kids” was an incredible experience as she came in third place. In addition, she was chosen by the judges to represent Malta in a Sicilian festival called “Voci Del Sud”. The year 2015 was a very productive year for Leah, as she participated in the “Shine Singers Festival”, and came in first place with the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and third with the song “That’s Life”.

The following year she had the opportunity to sing with Destiny during the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest. This young girl is very hardworking and never looks back. She was also awarded the title of “Best Promising Singer” in the “Singer Stage Malta International Singing Festival”.

Besides the art of singing, Leah is captivated by musicals, and attends lessons in Musical Theatre. One of Leah’s dreams, is to take part in a musical such as “Matilda”, which she went to visit in August 2015. Another dream of hers, is to become an Architect and Civil Engineer. During her free time, she also likes to draw. Professional singers that have influenced Leah to give her singing her all, are Adele (we completely agree with her choices) and local artists such as Ira Losco and Corazon. Leah also attends Our Lady Immaculate School, in Hamrun and her favourite food is meat.

Leah, your beautiful voice has already been noticed by many Maltese and foreign judges. Keep smiling and continue to sing and do the things you love best. We promise to give you our ongoing support!