Malcolm Pisani, Malta.Although the Maltese islands are relatively very small in size, they are nothing short of outstanding talent. This article will be exclusively dedicated to one of Malta’s most popular artists- Malcolm Pisani.

His new song “Emperor”

I had the honour of meeting Malcolm in a very informal situation. He is a very outgoing and friendly person who is both down to earth and never forgets his roots.

No sooner had I seen his latest video of his single “Emperor”, I was immediately impressed. “Emperor” was officially launched on the 16th December 2016, and it is a song with a difference. You might ask “Why?” To tell you the truth, I was captivated by the video’s beautiful scenario which was all shot in Malta. Since the song has an oriental touch, some shots were taken in the Chinese Garden at Sta. Lucia. The composer of “Emperor”, which can be described as “a work of art” is Melvin Honda, whilst its producer is Cyprian Cassar. The lyrics were written by the talented Matt Muxu Mercieca together with Malcolm himself. (I told you Malcolm has outstanding talents). The video directors are Clifford Xuereb and Manoel Pace, whilst the production team was also composed of Rita Pace and Malcolm himself.

“Emperor” acquired such populiarity, that it was viewed on Facebook by around 70,000 people. Another success for “Emperor” occurred last week, when it was inserted in 5 Chinese websites (which are very similar to YouTube).

Malcolm is currently working on a new single and it will be released at the beginning of summer. It is going to be produced by an Italian production team who already worked with Malcolm on his song “Summer Love”.

General information

Mr. Pisani is from Birkirkara and has been singing for the past sixteen years. He is also a vocal coach and has been training students for the past seven and a half years. Malcolm was also the presenter of the television programme “Fil-kcina ma’ Malcolm” on ONE television. In fact, Malcolm is a very good cook and believe me, he decorates cakes like a master chef. His favourite season is winter, as he enjoys decorating his house for the Christmas season.

During 2015, Malcolm was honoured with the title “L-iktar Zaghzugh Prominenti” by the Local Council of Birkirkara, together with the Ministry of Culture. Two singles that sky rocketed to number one in the local charts were “I” and “Summer Love”.

We wish Malcolm all the best for his future and to continue to make Malta proud!