The daily weekly Radio programme ‘Nate & Rossi’ is surely one of the most popular broadcasts on the island. Both Nathan Darmanin and Valentina Rossi have enjoyed a rich career in the local media industry, and albeit coming from very different directions and backgrounds, they not only hit it off, but create a spectacular mix which is the perfect spark to fire a truly amazing and entertaining radio show.

Nate Darmanin, who has been a Broadcaster, Producer and Online Media Coordinator at Vibe FM since February 2015, focuses his career on producing high quality radio promos, taking care of the media aspects of the company, hosting his day-time show with Rossi, as well as an extra show on weekends, and also DJing in the evenings. He is in fact very well known in the DJing and music industry as Nathan D. Nate started DJing when he was around 13 years of age at a local Parish Hall. When he was 16, he got his first radio gig at a small community radio station – Energy FM. When he was 18, he started training as a presenter at Bay Radio, first as in occasional afternoon and late night shows, and later on full-time. After 4 years working as a Producer, he started hosting the drive-time show known as ‘Bay’s Drive Time’. Meanwhile, he also worked for more than two and a half years as Presenter and Assistant Producer for Medialink Communications (Net TV). He also produced and co-hosted the Bay Music Awards multiple times. Nate maintains that when speaking to the audience, he focuses his approach on valuing the audience itself. He is inspired by such personalities as Steve Angello, Seb Ingrosso and Fedde le Grand.

Valentina Rossi’s resume is entirely different. The 22-year old grew up in the fashion industry, as her mother was one of the most prominent local models of the 80s and 90s and later owned a modelling agency. Rossi carved her niche in Maltese entertainment very early in life, in fact she started acting when she was 12 in the Maltese drama ‘Pupi’. She started modelling when she was 15 years old, when she took part in the TV programme ‘Venere’. Later on, she starred in the popular TV show ‘Il-Klikka’. In 2014, Valentina Rossi was the spokesperson selected by the Public Broadcasting Services to read out the votes during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She was awarded the Female Photomodel Award in 2012, 2013, and 2014, as well as receiving an award for the Outstanding Contribution to the Maltese Fashion Industry in 2015. Rossi says models Kate Moss and Tiffany Pisani serve as her main inspirations.

Currently Nate and Rossi work companionably together to co-host the daily weekday ‘Drive Time Show’ taking place at 3pm on Vibe FM, one of Malta’s best radio stations. ‘Drive Time’ in radio broadcasting, refers to those part of the day in which radio broadcasters attempt to reach the large number of people who listen to their car radios while driving to or from work. This usually coincides with rush hours. Nate and Rossi in their wonderfully funny and jocose manner, use light banter and popular music to entertain the audience during their 3pm slot, interspersing the show with traffic updates and sometimes even local news or weather forecasts.

No wonder the show, which has been running for more than a year and a half, is so popular in Malta!