This is an article after spending two months of summer in Malta in 2011. I felt in love with the island, the people and the lifestyle, so the next year I decided to come back again and stay. You can take this as a recommendation, invitation encouragement to visit this crazy beautiful country.

Going to Malta, staying in Malta, living in Malta was the best decision of my life. I would never do this move few years ago.

I wasn’t brave enough to step out of the country. It was really something impossible, something unimaginable for me. But my life, even if I just graduated at university as an engineer, did not move in the right direction. I realized I need change. That’s the reason I got to this little island. Thanks to a friend who took me here I just suddenly booked my flight. Malta gave me a lot: smiles, happiness, satisfaction, friendship and opportunities.

Here is my story…

Before the flight I was a bit confused, nervous and excited. I was flying alone so I felt quite lost in the airport in Schwechat, Vienna. A kind mister let me sit on his seat next to the window and also started a conversation with me. He told me stories about the island, which was like a short introduction about Malta. I haven’t practice my English long time before, so it was a perfect time to exercise.

After I landed the taxi was already waiting for me, then I just had to quickly change my clothes to swimming suit and was taken to visit the Blue Lagoon by speed boat. I think it was a cool start of a long-lasting holiday. The next days were similar: boat trips and party boats with friends and champagne.

Very quickly found a job, actually two jobs: street photographer and waitress. Both of them were very useful. Even if the “waitressing” sounds very low, I really liked it. Thanks to these jobs (or working places) I met hundreds of people. And that’s exactly why I came to Malta. I met many nice and funny faces.

What about the nationality on the island? In Malta there are many Germans. Yes! And Swedes. As online gaming is quite famous and licensed here and Germany, just like the Nordic countries, including Sweden are the target markets, these companies are searching for support in these languages constantly.

Of course many Spanish and Italian tourists are coming to visit Malta during the summer. Malta is becoming a party island every summer, so it is normal that people are coming here. As I said I was working as a waitress in a famous Spanish bar, so I think I could say I met 99% of these non-English-speaking Italian and Spanish people. Sometimes they were freaking me out, but when they asked for my name and I said “Evangeline”, they went crazy, started to clap and sing to me. I felt like a star, so I just forgave.

But anyway I met people almost from every part of the world. They also wanted to know where I am from. So mostly I just played my game called “guess” as I was very curious what the people think, how do I look-like. Nobody figured out the truth. Here are the three most common answers:

  • Swedish
  • German
  • Russian

At the end I was kind of proud of this. Too bad I don’t speak any of these languages.

In conclusion, I think I can declare I met (and talked to) more people during these two months than ever before in my life, which is a big deal in my opinion. Coming to Malta is an excellent opportunity to improve your English and your social skills as well. The sun, the sea, the ocean, the beach and the temperature are the most important parts of my happiness and I believe these elements can satisfy anyone’s request. At the very end of this article I just want to thank you to everyone who helped me to get here and to everyone who made my summer so awesome.