Cost of Cigarettes in Malta.Cigarette prices in Malta, like almost every other country, are expensive mainly because of the high taxes governments impose on them. As it stands currently one can buy locally a packet of cigarettes for €3.70 to a maximum of €4.00 depending the brand.

Although Malta cigarette prices are increasing on a yearly basis, many Maltese people especially women keep consuming tobacco on regular basis.

The European Commission is doing its utmost to discourage people from consuming cigarettes and is planning to force such increase in prices regularly, hoping to achieve its aims.

Studies and statistics do indicate that people are less like to smoke, if Malta cigarette prices keep increasing.

Smoking in indoor public places was banned in Malta some years ago. This has led to an increase in demand for outdoor restaurants and bars. Having said that, the EU is considering banning such venues too. Will tobacco prices and more restrictions discourage locals from smoking? Some people might simply not afford the costs and will be forced to smoke less or even quit.

Malta tobacco prices are not the only costs which are effecting the cost of living. Fuel prices for example are increasing substantially too. Petrol prices in Malta where relatively cheap when compared to other countries in Europe, but things are changing pretty fast now. Unleaded and diesel fuel prices are now €1.24 per liter, whilst LRP petrol is slightly more expensive at €1.30 per liter.

As a consequence of the increase in fuel prices, Malta taxi prices are bound to increase too. Compared to the public bus transport, taxi costs have always been very expensive and such difference will more likely be even more noticeable in the near future.