Restaurant meal prices in Malta.Malta food prices can vary a lot, depending the cuisine being served at the particular restaurant, it’s ambience and most definitely the location. The cheapest option will obviously be to buy food and drinks from supermarkets.

Maltese bread for example cost only around €0.50 and you can buy a packet of six 2 liter bottles for less than €2.50.

In take-aways or restaurants, food prices in Malta are more expensive than from a supermarket. One can find various small take-away outlets spread throughout the cities, mainly selling local products as well as imported food and drinks.

Some of the most popular ones are those selling cheesecakes (pastizzi in Maltese), pizza and lamb or chicken kebabs. Cheesecakes are sold for at least €0.35, small squares of pizza for around €0.70 and kebabs in the bread start from €5.50, from such outlets.

Malta restaurant prices (seated) are more expensive. A two course meal (starter and main dish) for 1 person will cost a minimum of €12 and a maximum of €40. One will find a variety of restaurants in Malta, offering Mediterranean, Maltese, French, Italian, Indian and many other different types of cuisines. Just to give you an idea, a whole 12 inch pizza will cost around €8, whilst a beef fillet taken as a main course can cost anything between €15 to €30, depending the restaurant. You will find more information about food in Malta, by using the search box above.

The price of beer in Malta is €1, i.e. for a half pint of local or imported beer. Prices are slightly cheaper when buying in bulk, especially from supermarkets. A pint of beer will cost around €1.50 the most from a bar in a touristic location. As regarding other Malta drinks prices such as alcohol, it’s usually sold for €1 a tot from random bars but cost can go up to even €3 a glass, from the most exclusive night clubs in Malta.