Gas & electricity prices in Malta.The cost of fuel for the home has been discussed in the Maltese media for the past few years and the two suppliers Enemalta (electricity) and Liquigas (LPG gas) have come under fire from consumers.

In 2009, Malta had the fifth-highest electricity prices in the EU but gas prices, although having risen; remain competitive with the rest of Europe. Due to this, it’s worth investing in gas heaters, hobs and ovens, as this works out much cheaper than the electrical equivalent.

There are different electricity prices depending on whether you are classed as a “Domestic”, “Residential” or “Non-Residential”. Domestic rates are the cheapest, but many expats have discovered that they are paying “residential” rates, which are higher. In order to qualify for “Domestic” i.e. preferential rates, you need a certificate of residence, proof that you pay tax and to be able to show that you use this address as your primary (i.e. only) residence. If the bill goes to your landlord and is in their name, you may be paying the more expensive “Residential” rate. It’s worth investigating this as changing tariffs could save you a lot of money.

For 2010, the rates for Domestic and Residential tariffs are as follows:

Domestic Consumption (Prices)
0-2000 (€0.161)
2001-6000 (€0.173)
6001-10000 (€0.189)
10001-20000 (€0.360)
20000+ (€0.620)

Residential Consumption (Prices)
0-2000 (€0.210)
2001-6000 (€0.223)
6001-10000 (€0.238)
10001-20000 (€0.440)
20000+ (€0.700)

There isn’t any piped gas in Malta and domestic gas is delivered in bottles on a weekly basis. These are generally in 10kg and 12kg sizes, and these cost €11.10 and €13.10. The domestic supply is usually an LPG mix.