This account presents two couples who started off as friends but as time progressed they became the worst of enemies, who could not bear the sight of each other. Its fulcrum occurred precisely a few months before World War 2 in the small town of Marsa, on the 16th April 1939.

Carmen and Roberto were very happily married and had 4 children. Roberto always strove to help others, and one day a friend of his named Tony, asked for his assistance. Tony liked a middle-aged woman called Rita, and wanted to ask her out on a date, but before he could do so, he wanted Roberto to enquire what Rita thought of him.

Thus, Roberto agreed to help Tony and promised that he would ask her in the following days. In the meantime, Roberto being the good husband that he was, went home and related what Tony had asked him to do, to his wife. Carmen did not think very highly of Rita, as she was known to be a woman of immoral values. Hence, she did not encourage her husband to help such a woman, but Roberto firmly believed that he would be doing his neighbour a favour, as he would then be able to settle down.

When he came across Rita in one of the streets in Marsa, he stopped her and told her that his friend Tony liked her a lot, and that he wanted to ask her on a date. Rita was interested but asked Roberto to give her a week’s time, so that she could think about it.

In the meantime, Carmen had asked for the advice of the parish priest who also agreed with the plan. He told her that no harm could be done as they would be bringing two people together. Therefore, all was set and Roberto together with his wife Carmen, invited Tony and Rita to their house. They prepared some light finger food and drinks and their home would be the perfect setting to the beginning of a love story.

The night was successful, as both Tony and Rita decided to start a relationship together and they soon started to meet and go for long walks together where they got to know each other better. As time progressed, both couples started to go out together and there was no jealousy or love triangles between them.

Problems started to crop up however when Roberto made another favour to his friend Tony, and found him a small house next to theirs. This brought about the downfall to the couples’ friendship as Carmen was not at all happy, that their friends were living together without having been united in marriage. Carmen always called Rita names and one day, the two women got into a very bad fight whilst they were on the roof.

Rita had had enough of Carmen calling her a loose woman and threw a glass bottle straight in the direction of her former friend Carmen. The latter was not a woman who was scared of confrontation and quickly went to the police station and reported Rita to the police. The sergeant did not lose time and together with a colleague, came to arrest Rita.

When Tony learnt of what had happened, he vowed to get his revenge as he had lost the love of his life. Hence, he did not think twice and shot Carmen in the head in front of her very young son. Tony’s lawyer the well known Dr. Ġuże Flores argued, that his client had a family history of insanity and that Tony had also suffered from some mental disorders in his prime. Thus, the accused was sent to a mental institution whereby after some time, the jury concluded that he was mentally unstable and no criminal charges were pressed against him.