The English language school industry is probably amongst the most important tourism related industries on the island. With a flurry of schools already established and several more having been expanding over the years, this sector is an important arm to attract tourists of a younger nature to the island.

Perhaps the largest if not the best English language school on the island is the EC Group which is also hugely well established in several countries abroad.

The group is headquartered in St Julian’s and has by far the largest number of foreign students who attend its classes regularly. EC has a number of good teachers and has an excellent reputation especially with regards to its courses which constantly deliver a high rate of success.

Another excellent English language school is Inlingua which is headquartered in Sliema. This large school has been established afor a number of years and brings a pristine reputation to the market. They have attracted thousands of students to Malta over the years and this means that they have grown exponentially with a market close to over 20,000 students a year. Inlingua are also an international franchise with strong ties in the European market and their classes are also extremely popular in this respect.

The third large international English language school franchise is EF who are headquartered in Paceville and who cater chiefly for the younger student cohort. EF have been very successful in the extra curricular activity area were students who take their classes can be guaranteed an excellent time out in this respect. Teacher standards and course work may perhaps be slightly less of a high standard than that offered by the other two schools mentioned above.

English language teaching is a fine art which requires concentration and appropriately prepared lesson plans which certainly have to be up to scratch to succeed. The schools mentioned above have consistently striven to achieve the best quality for their students and have taught tens of thousands of individuals in this regard. There are other smaller schools such as Bells Language school and NSTS which offer similar services but it would be safe to say that EC, Inlingua and EF are the schools that one should look out for when surveying the English language school market in Malta.