Elanguest MaltaHaving just recently moved to Malta from Ireland, I was a little apprehensive about how I would settle in and adapt to the Maltese culture. From the research I had done on-line, it seemed like it was going to be too easy to get set up over here, and having had troubles with relocation in the past, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. So I dove straight in to the deep end, so to speak, and found that keeping afloat in Malta is just as easy as I had read about online. The cultural differences between Malta and Ireland, although existent, are not so much to cause a massive culture shock.

One difference I did find however is that while the Maltese are very friendly, they are in their own way, and a casual argument with one of them can be seen as a sign of respect more than it can a serious altercation. After all their national music, Għana, is based on verses of argumentative singing (perhaps it is the original ‘rap battle’?!). The food is also a little different, with the popular yet difficult to pronounce Pastizzerias serving almost everything covered in pastry. Their fondness for rabbit I also found a little strange, as did I their near universal admiration for the Eurovision, although I cannot say a bad word about them and am grateful for everyone I have met who has made me feel welcome here.

With a thriving economy and low unemployment rate, finding work was not too much of a problem for me, and I am grateful to Elanguest for taking a chance on this crazy Irish man. Nevertheless, I do feel what made the transition from Ireland to Malta so easy for me was the fact that English is used as an official language.

There are many English language schools in Malta, and for this there is a good reason. Located ideally in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta enjoys a warm climate, an inviting sea, a vibrant night life and an easy going lifestyle. The fact that English is an official language of the country means that students choosing to learn English here are never at a loss for real life learning materials and situations. It sounds like a no-brainer, right?

elanguest-facadeDespite the heavy competition in the English language market in Malta, Elanguest English Language School has managed to maintain its popularity and reputation with English learners for over twenty years. A modest school located in the centre of St.Julian’s, students find themselves fully immersed in both the English language and the Maltese culture. Our teachers are carefully selected, so that each student is sure to receive a top class education in English. We offer a wide range of courses for students, everything from our most popular ‘Intensive General English’ course to our well established course in ‘Medical English’.

Anybody wishing to improve their English will be sure to find a course with us that will suit their needs and skill level. We understand that making the decision to study English abroad is an important one, and so we do our best to help you along with every step in the process. We can provide accommodation for our students in one of our centrally located and modern apartments, or for those wishing to have a true Maltese experience we can set the students up with a host family where they will live and be fully immersed in the English language. Each student is treated to a free tour of Malta so that they can experience first hand the hidden gems of the island that most tourists might miss. We can also provide transport to and from the airport to make sure that your arrival and departure are stress free, and after you have left, you have access to six months online English learning support from our website.

After a long day of studying, you need a break, and Malta offers an abundance of options for you to unwind after a day of language classes. Our school’s rooftop terrace provide amazing views of the area, where you will notice that the sea is just a stones throw away! Also close by is Paceville, a popular area known for its lively bars, nightclubs and restaurants, where you will be sure to find a night of great entertainment.

Dedicated to St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Elanguest welcomes those from all backgrounds and walks of life into our school. We promise to make your English learning experience a rich and rewarding one that will stay with you for life!

For more information or to make a enquiry visit www.elanguest.com.