Parentcraft Malta.Having a baby for the first time is an exciting, life-altering event but it can also be a terrifying time for new parents. From the minute you tell friends and family the happy news, you are bombarded with birth stories, advice and old wives’ tales. In the midst of all the preparation for your new arrival, one of the most useful things new parents can do is an antenatal Parentcraft course.

Mater Dei Hospital is home to the Miriam Beck Parentcraft Unit, an independent service within the Obstetric Department. The antenatal courses are run by a team of experienced midwives, with the aim of providing free education and support to expectant parents, as well as post-natal support to new parents and their extended family. The Government funded courses are designed to be as accessible as possible for all new parents, with sessions held at all times of the day, seven days a week. As well as group courses, one-to-one sessions are also available.

Courses include:

  • Early pregnancy (from 10 weeks gestation)
  • Preparation for Childbirth – New parents (from 28 weeks gestation)
  • Refresher course for existing parents
  • Expecting multiples

Childbirth courses are usually conducted over eight consecutive sessions lasting around 90 minutes. They give a thorough overview of what can be expected during the later stages of pregnancy, labour and birth, breastfeeding, caring for a newborn and all the complex emotions that new parents will experience. The midwives will also conduct a tour of the hospital delivery suite and facilities, so parents will know exactly what to expect.

The Parentcraft Unit also runs a telephone Support Helpline (2545 5124) available to anyone for advice and assistance at any point during pregnancy or after delivery.

Antenatal classes are also a great way to meet other expectant parents, who can share concerns, funny stories and may be the start of new friendships for you and your baby.

Contact Information:

Mater Dei Hospital
Level 1, Block E.
Telephone: 2545 5123
2545 5124 (Helpline)
2545 5125