In a society with growing awareness about children education, and with more research available every day, nobody doubts that our traditional educational systems need to evolve to be updated according more integral conception of the individual in his full potential. In many of the developed countries, traditional educational systems, with a lot of attention in a vision of intelligence developed in the 60’s and based in the skills that can be measured by an IQ tests, such as logical reasoning, math and verbal skills, seems to be failing to prepare individuals to succeed in life.

For example in Malta school failure was not very long ago rated as (41,6%), the very last country of Europe with regards to this indicator as per reliable studies in 2007.

As parents living in Malta with some background in education and very concerned about pedagogy, my wife and me were doing some research trying to understand which of the existing educational models incorporate the concepts that many of the authorities in education agree today as essential in the kids’ education to prepare them for success in life, such as emotional intelligence, social intelligence, multiple intelligence, etc.

We discovered Waldorf education as one of these models, recommended by very expert people in the field. An educational model with the aim to prepare the person, not just to match in the society, but to be able to develop all her potential.

We would like to have this option for the education of our children in Malta, and we are looking for parents interested in this model of school.

You can find more info about the Waldorf school model at and if you are also interested in this type of education please contact Julián Sáez using email: