Żigużajg, which will be celebrating its 6th edition this year, will be taking place between Friday 11th and Sunday 20th November. This year’s event will be showcasing 24 projects featuring new Maltese productions, as well as contributions from seven different countries.

Eagerly awaited by children, parents, and teachers, this yearly festival continues to be at the forefront in fostering new generations of young artists. Headed by the Programme Manager, Mr Daniel Azzopardi, with major contributions by Fondazzjoni Kreattivà, the Festival team is to be commended for its professional efforts to combine art and education, with fun and entertainment.

This year for the first time, the Festival Programme will be spanning ten full days. It will be focusing mainly on Maltese Folktales and traditions, presented in a new creative and innovative rendering.

Live performances will include ‘Hogwallops’, which will be blending storytelling with circus skills, physical comedy, clowning, juggling, theatrics, and dramatisation. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s work, UK-based company ‘Lost in Translation’ will be creating a quirky comic show which will be appreciated by children and adults alike. Another show not to be missed will be ‘Reinraumraus’, presented by Myriam Rossbach, puppeteer and actress, who will be using kitchen utensils to create marvels of song and dance. ‘Peut-Être-Theatre’ will be bringing to the mix, a surreal poetic aesthetic magical dance inspired by children’s theatre. This will combine the visual, the physical, and the musical mediums to titillate our senses and imagination. The theatrical piece ‘Il-Babaw’ will see local actor Joe Depasquale in a terrifyingly realistic show of puppetry for the younger children, highlighting the importance of friendship.

The Malta Philarmonic Orchestra in collaboration with Studio 18, will be presenting a contemporary Maltese adaptation of the popular classic ‘Peter and the Wolf’ following Prokofiev’s original score. Christopher Dingli, the renowned comedian, writer, and actor, will be performing a witty and humorous rendition of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Spectators will also have the opportunity to attend a fairytale-themed musical concert stemming from the project ‘Kelma Kelma Nota Nota’ featuring songs by Daniel Cauchi, music by the Big Band Brothers, quips by Ray Calleja, and writings by Michael Spagnol.

All of this and so much more! Theatre, music, dance, comedy, painting, interactive art and storytelling – reaching out to the inner child inside all of us both verbally and non-verbally.

Professionals from Malta, Australia, UK, China, Estonia, Spain and Germany, and collaborators which include the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Spazju Kreattiv, ŻfinMalta, Kelma Kelma, PBS, Manoel Theatre, and Valletta 2018 Foundation will be working togather to present a truly unique ŻiguŻajg edition! You can also get the best oil paint sets for artists.

Tickets can be purchased online from http://www.ziguzajg.org/ or from the Saint James Cavalier box office. A single ticket costs €2. Different events will be taking place in different venues around Valletta and Floriana. For more information, visit the website above.