Deal or No Deal, Malta.Deal or No Deal is an Endemol licensed TV show (Endemol are most famous for the Big Brother TV Show), produced locally in Malta by the “Where’s Everybody” Team. The show was first aired on TVM on 1st October 2007, and became an instant hit with the Maltese audience, with ratings growing each week. Originally a Dutch TV show, the program has been localised in over 30 countries worldwide and is popular with primetime audiences.

Presented by Pablo Micallef in Malta, the show airs on TVM daily from Monday to Friday at 6:45 P.M (local time).

The show gives the contestants a chance of winning money by simply using their luck and judgement. If you’re looking for an application form, kindly visit their official website.

The show begins with 22 identical boxes sealed in the presence of a notary, and one contestant is picked from the participants who are each standing behind “their” box. In round one, the player selects 5 boxes out of the 22 before the first offer from the Banker. At that point, the player then decides whether to take the offer from the Banker or not. Pablo Micallef then asks the contestant the question, “Deal or No Deal?”. The player the replies either “Deal” to accept the Banker’s offer or “No Deal” to decline the offer and carry on playing.

At the start of the next round, 3 boxes are opened and then the contestant is given another offer from the Banker. Pablo once again asks the question “Deal or No Deal?”. If the answer is “No Deal” then they continue. As long as the contestant continues to answer “No Deal”, then three boxes are opened in the subsequent 3 rounds. The game continues until two unopened boxes are left, and the Banker gives the final offer. The Banker can offer to exchange the contestant’s box with the one remaining box. The player then decides to accept or reject the swap. Once the contestant accepts the Banker’s offer by saying “Deal”, he or she then chooses the boxes they would have chosen in open play. The Banker will continue to give the hypothetical offers in order see if the player has made the best deal.

Prizes range from €0.10 up to €25,000. The 192nd contestant, Maria Dolores Abela, a mother of three from Mgarr, was the first €25,000 winner on the show, winning that amount on Friday 17th October 2008.