Electro Swing party in Malta.The long-lasting summer is over and we Maltese people need to find more indoor activities as swimming in the sea or sunbathing on the beach is not actual anymore.

One of my recommendations are the Electro-Swing events in Malta. But before we go into details, do you know what exactly it means? Swing music is a style of jazz played by big bands in the 1930s for dancing audience. Well, yes, it was long time ago.

Today the youth is not listening this style anymore, most of them are addicted to commercial music played in radios. Fortunately Marcus Füreder (Parov Stelar),a musician-DJ from Austria got this brilliant idea to save what is left from swing. He is a founder of a new genre called “eletronic swing” – fusing classic swing with popular music. What can I say? He did it good. In 2005 in collaboration with other musicians Parov Stelar Band started to perform live sets. Today Parov Stelar Band represents this amazing unimitable style, made swing music popular again and lot of other DJs are following his lead.

By now this style influenced even our little island as well. Electro-Swing Malta is a community organizing events dedicating this style of music, fusing vintage swing with pulsating electronic rhythms.

Here is the line-up for the month December:

Sunday 2nd December – Vintage Cafe @ Prestige Club
Vintage Café was a time capsule event organized at Prestige, music provided by Dr. Zicotron, The Chef, Dockerbone and Chris Radium.

Saturday 8th December – Paris Swing Thing @ The Duke’s Club
Paris Swing Thing was a big of last weekend. Award-winning DJ extraordinaire KIWISTAR from Paris and Mr WoOx from the Balkan kollektiv Croatia were making their way down to the rock spreading the Electroswing revolution together with Dr. Zicotron, Dockerbone and The Chef.

Sunday 15th December – Vintage Cafe @ Prestige Club
Sunday is usually the day, when people are recovering from previous nights. So let’s meet for a cocktail next Sunday at Prestige. No Facebook event created yet.

Monday 24th December – Frescos
No Facebook event created yet.

Monday 31st December – SNUG NYE Party @ The Villa Meridien
No Facebook event created yet.