The other day I was walking on the streets of Valletta and was already planning to leave the city and go home, but suddenly heard drums from somewhere. Well, I am a daughter of a drummer, music flows in my veins, so I followed the sound and soon I figured out what was happening.

It was a sound check of a band before they started a live concert. It seemed pretty cool, so I asked around what is going on and when the concert will be. For my surprise and luck there were only few minutes left until the start.

After obtaining hot chocolate I decided to take place in the first row so I can make lot of pictures about the excellent musicians. The concert was a live performance of a Maltese band lasting 2 hours and I really enjoyed that. Everything matched together: the perfect harmony of the music and song.

Four singers were entertaining us with several well-known songs, including of course the Christmas carols. The sound was provided by a drummer, a synthesizer, two bassists and a DJ. I don’t really know a lot about a band except their name (Joe Brown) and that they are awesome. But let me share some personal experience.

The concert was not advertised at all, so the only audience was the passers-by. Nobody really knew who they are, what are they doing there, but everyone was singing the lyrics and screaming after every song finished. One thing I know, they were professionals outperforming any famous singer or band.

I start the characteristics with the ladies. One of these girls was a young version of Tina Turner, singing all the rocky songs with her hoarse voice.

The second lady was the gospel singer of the band, responsible for the calm silky songs.

About the following mister the only thing I can say: the Maltese Joe Cocker.

And the last person of the singing team is a young guy, who is a perfect mixture of Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi.

All of them are perfect in a different way and I’m so sorry I couldn’t get more info about them. With this article I would like to say thank you to Joe Brown and his band for the unforgettable experience and for the long performance despite of the cold and rain. Their concert was definitely worth to see and hear. If anyone can provide me any info about them, feel free to contact me/us.

Here are some more photos about the other members of the band and at the end their biggest fan while taking picture about them. More pictures you find on our Facebook page.