Luna Park in Gzira, Malta.If you’re stuck for things to do of an evening you should get yourself down to Manoel Island in Gzira. This tiny little island is a hub of activity throughout the year holding exhibitions, duck village, the world cup village and right now they have the enormously fun Luna Park.

This year they are extending the stay to the end of July so make sure you spend an evening catching up with friends and family, going on the rides and stuffing your face with waffles, doughnuts, candy floss and other delicious treats.

There is a ride for everyone, whatever the age, from teacups, to haunted house, bumper cars to rollercoaster type ride Musik Express, great fun but much faster than it looks! There’s even something for those daredevils that love being thrown around into the air, flipped upside down and generally swung around!

The atmosphere at the Luna Park is always one of fully charged fun with young families, teenagers and their friends, grandparents, everyone imaginable mingling and enjoying the pink lights, sugary treats and happiness in the air. Most rides are €2 per ticket, with a few bigger attractions being €4 so the park is not that cheap and if you’re a large family it could end up getting expensive. They have heard complaints about the pricing so maybe this will be improved in future visits.

Cost aside, you’ll have great fun on the rides, the music is pumping and afterwards you can enjoy a stroll along the seafront under the moonlight. What’s not to love?