Reggae music at Juuls bar in Malta.There is a small but thriving reggae scene in Malta, and this community is closely connected, organising parties, events and concerts.

One of the most popular Reggae acts in Malta is Mind’s Eye Dub – M.E.D. The man behind it is David Magro who was born in Malta in 1969, and M.E.D. was conceived back in the 1980’s.

In 1988, he and his band staged the Bob Marley tribute concert which was really well attended and acclaimed by the public and local reggae DJ, Manwel Tabone.

In 1989, M.E.D and the band were support act when ASWAD performed at the Give Peace A Chance concert on the island, and in 1993, they were back-up act for Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. Today, M.E.D. continues to be a driver of the local reggae scene, and he records and produces material in his own recording studio; material that combines an Afro-Mediterranean Reggae vibe.

The key venue in Malta is Juuls Bar in Spinola Bay, Paceville, and the crew behind it also help to organise parties such as the Iration events and boat parties. 2010 saw a number of Reggae parties and similar ones will be repeated in 2011, following their phenomenal success. In the Summer, several events took place such as the Iration Reggae Gathering in August which featured local act Fakawi, the “Babylon by Boat” parties, aboard the Hornblower cruiser every month during the summer and DJ sets at the annual Farson’s Beer Festival and Earth Garden weekend. To bring in 2011, there was the Unity2011 Festival at Numero Uno, featuring Juuls Reggae and Tribali.

Reggae Malta has a really active facebook group, with almost 700 members, and this group’s page gives details of all the Iration, Juuls Bar, Unity and Boat Party events happening in Malta.

In early 2011, Juuls Bar closed for refurbishment, and the venue should reopen at the end of March. In the meantime, the people behind the Juuls name continue to organise DJ sets and events, with a “One Love Sound” Reggae party scheduled for Saturday 19th March at the Miami Club at Numero Uno, Ta Qali. The night kicks off at 9.30 and tickets are €5 on the door.