Science in the City for Malta’s Science & Arts Festival.The fourth edition of Science in the City comes to Valletta on Friday 25th September – bringing space rockets, experiments, explosions and drones flying through the city streets.

Malta’s annual science and arts festival, organised by the University of Malta Research Trust, is a family orientated celebration of all things Science! From 6pm until midnight, fourteen stages around Valletta will showcase exhibitions, art installations, science experiments and performance artists, which will fill Valletta from Republic Street through to St. George’s Square. The festival forms part of the wider European Researchers’ Night – a celebration of the importance of Scientific Research across the European Union.

The Science Fair at City Gate will have live experiments, music and theatre performances with giant bubbles, underwater projections, racing cars, street labs run by MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology) and a CSI forensic team for budding detectives. 3D printers and robots will be hard at work, demonstrating the amazing advances in these technologies.

The highlight of this year’s festival will be the transformation of St. George’s Square into the Rosetta Satellite Space Mission. There will be a life-sized satellite, a drone, a 20 metre rocket blast-off display, 3D printed rovers and a true-to-life comet surface that visitors can walk around and explore for themselves.

The St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity will be hosting a number of events during the evening, including science fun for kids in the main theatre. My Pets and Other Animals will use puppets and art workshops to help children think about their pets in a scientific way.

The Centre will also hold talks and discussions about Science in the Cinema and an interactive display of Electronic Music for everyone to have a go. Teatru Rjal will be showcasing short films and holding Q&A sessions, and a series of science debates will be running at Palazza Ferreria. Ordinance Street will have a number of organisations showcasing Science and Health, including free dental checks, DNA extraction, the latest in cancer research and explaining the science behind life-saving techniques such as kidney dialysis.

Valletta’s magnificent new Parliament Building will be hosting an exhibition of exciting new research projects spearheaded by the University of Malta. The National Museum of Archaeology will open its doors, allowing visitors to view the amazing pre-historic exhibits and explore the science behind archaeology and historical conservation. Other organisations involved include BirdLife Malta who will be talking about tagging birds, building bird boxes and how to spot sparrows!

So head to Valletta and have a great evening learning about and celebrating our scientific world.