Swimming with dolphins in Malta.Dolphins are definitely one of the most loved animals on our planet, equally loved by children and adults alike.

Their face seems to have a permanent smile on it, giving them an appearance of constant happiness. They are also known to be extremely intelligent, shining performers and loving caring mammals that are capable of a unique interaction with humans.

Swimming with dolphins is truly a sensational experience that you can enjoy in Malta at the Mediterraneo Park. The excitement of swimming and interacting with dolphins for most is a dream, which has made it a very popular leisure activity for many in Malta. The fact that you can get so close, touch, feel and interact with these magnificent dolphins is sensational. The swim is held at the purposely-designed park, which also features three exciting shows including the sea lion, parrot and dolphin show.

Swimming with dolphins in Malta is done under the guidance of skilled animal carers. You can experience the beauty, power, agility and grace of these magnificent marine mammals, which is an opportunity not to be missed. Also if some members of your family or friends do not want to swim with dolphins they can join you as a spectator.

Photos are taken by members of staff and can then be purchased after the session. If you bring a friend or family member along you are allowed to film or take pictures yourself. Programme participants should bring swimsuits and towels with them, as these are not provided.

Dolphin Swim & Interact and Splash ‘n’ Fun Park COMBO

Located adjacent to the Dolphin Marine Park Malta is the Splash ‘n’ Fun waterslides, tidal wave pool and lazy river park. When you book the “Dolphin Swim and Interact” you can include entrance to the Splash ‘n’ Fun Park. This means that you can go between the two parks, which have a special integrated exit/entrance for combined ticket holders. This gives you the opportunity to totally maximize your day between the two parks. Splash Park closes late, between 1800hrs and 1900hrs in peak season.

The Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta also holds 3 types of shows. There is the Dolphin show, Sea Lion show and the Tropical Bird shows.

Show Times

March 2009 till October 2009

  • Swimming with Dolphins: Daily
  • Parrot Show: 10h30/14h30
  • Sea lion Show: 11h30/15h30
  • Dolphin Show: 12h30/16h30



  • Adults: €15.50
  • Children (4 to 10 years): €10.50
  • Senior Citizens (65 years & over): €10.50
  • Language school students: €10.50
  • Local schools (6 to 12 years): €4.50
  • Children’s Parties including meal: €12.00

Swim with the dolphins

  • Swim programme: €120
  • A bottlenose dolphin swimming session, (takes about 1hour, not all in the water)
  • Wet suites and life jackets are provided
  • Max 10 people per session split into 2 groups
  • Kiss from the dolphin etc
  • An educational documentary about Cetaceans and Conservation
  • Personalized treatment provided by an experienced trainer

All shows

  • Watchers: €15.50
  • Children/Senior citizen watchers: €10.50
  • Additional Entrance to Splash ‘n’ Fun Park: €8.80 per person

Swimmers Restrictions

  • Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to swim with dolphins
  • Children will be asked to provide some form of age verification

Persons with the following conditions will not be permitted to swim with dolphins:

  • Heart conditions/disorders
  • Pregnant women
  • Low blood pressure
  • Anyone who has had a recent operation or any type
  • Anyone who has had a piercing done recently
  • Epilepsy
  • Mental or physical disabilities
  • Partially or totally blind
  • Certain skin disorders
  • Anyone suffering from Hydrophobia

Contact: Meditteraneo Marine Park Malta, Bahar ic-Caghaq, Tel: (+356) 21 372218 or 21 372249

Opening hours: 10.00-17.00


The dolphin park has all the requisite amenities you need for a happy family outing:

  • A cafeteria
  • A souvenir shop
  • A mini lab for in-house instant photo development and printing

Whether you are a local or a tourist in Malta, an adult or a child this is one of those lifetime experiences, which is truly not to be missed!