Last Sunday was the official vernissage of Urban Life Exhibition. The opening was at 6 o’clock at the evening and all the guests could take a look into the modern art of the Swedish artist, Frida Palovaara.

Malta is really famous about parties and having fun. Not many people are coming here to check art. But for the people, who are living here for long months or years, an art exhibition can be more than interesting. A little bit of culture can’t hurt anyone.

I’m not an artist by myself, but when it comes events like this, I’m always in. That’s why when I found this one, it wasn’t a question for me to participate.

Frida was born in Sweden and after she traveled across Europe and Australia, she decided to stay in this little island. Her paintings are full of emotions, vibes and sexiness. Her inspiration is in the urban lifestyle and female characters. The paintings contain a mixture of her traveling experiences and women as creatures. She is obsessed about the female body. For the first look the spectator may have a feeling of a lesbian exhibition (in a positive way of course). After I shortly discussed this topic with her, we both agreed that the female body is a beautiful object. It’s enough if we take a look into the history of art and we will find thousands of paintings or sculptures about the naked female body.

Frida is using lot of gaudy and dark colors at the same time. It’s interesting how she is able to brighten up the dark based picture with garish and neon colors. But after a meeting with her and checking her hair, all the color-issues are understandable. She is a typical rebel and open-minded young woman, who is not following the crowd, but creating her own style. All of the paintings are very eye-catchy, reflecting features of modern expressive art.

If you missed the opening but you are still interested in the paintings, you can go and check and also buy them at The Villa in Saint Julians during the Christmas period. Yes, all of the pictures are for sale (some of them already sold). If you want to wake up with a positive feeling every morning with inspiration of bravery and creativity, these pieces belong to your wall. More info you find HERE.