An Apparition of a Nun, Malta.A young couple were searching for a home, as they were going to get married in five months, and needed a place to call their own. The search, did not take long, and they found a small house in Bormla.

George was eager to start doing some refurbishments in the home, and decided to start painting the bedroom. Although he always bought the same brand of paint, the colour always appeared to be different. On one occasion, Elizabeth, his wife to be, went to ask him if he wanted any coffee. No sooner had she climbed a small flight of stairs, about five empty paint cans came flying towards her face! She was very angry, and blamed George for this.

One day, Elizabeth had washed and hung some clothes in the balcony to dry. When she went to remove the clothes, she discovered that her laundry was not where she had placed it! As soon as George came to talk to her, she asked him where were her clothes that she had hung in the balcony a few hours earlier. Obviously, her fiancé had not moved the washing, but in order not to frighten her, he told her that he had placed them in the yard downstairs.

Since their wedding was approaching, George was spending a lot of time at their house and there were times, when he slept there. Unfortunately, today he was not going to be allowed to sleep. No sooner had he sat down on the bed, before lying down, that a bed nearby started to shake, and then the chest of drawers followed suit! George was horrified when he saw this and quickly ran out of the room. On other occasions, as he was lying on the bed, facing the balcony he saw a sceptre of a nun pacing to and fro in the balcony itself!

Elizabeth also had a strange encounter. Although hers was not with the ghost, an old friend called Gerald, told her, that the actual house she had bought was inhabited by a ghost. His wife had been thrown down the stairs and had marks made all over her face! He had told her: “Take my advice- take all your belongings and go and find another house, as that house is not safe to live in!”

When Elizabeth learnt all this, she rushed to inform George, that she was never going to enter that house again, and George decided to remove all their belongings with the help of a friend. Elizabeth told him: “Please do not forget to bring that painting which we have hanging over the bed”. When George went to their bedroom and searched for the painting, he could not find it anywhere. In fact, it was never to be found and George explained to his friend, that their belongings were more often than not shifted from one place to the other by the mysterious figure of the nun.