The cursed doll, Malta.A young girl called Mary, was playing with her doll in a quiet street in Mdina. Her mother told her not to leave the doorstep and she went inside the house to start preparing lunch. Although Mary was very obedient, she could not help but wonder, who was calling her from the opposite direction. Since she could not see anyone, she went to play with her doll near the well that was exactly opposite their house. As she played happily, her doll’s eyes changed hue, and became black. The girl was frightened and immediately dropped her doll into the deep well. As she leaned to catch a glimpse of her doll, she lost her grip and fell into the well!

A neighbour who happened to be close, started to cry for help and as soon as Mary’s mother heard her loud shrieks, she quickly rushed to the well to see what happened… Unfortunately, she got the fright of her life, as the woman cried and explained that she had seen Mary fall into the well! Although the neighbour tried to console Mary’s mother, it was all in vain, as by now they had realized that Mary was dead!

Several years went by, and a young couple happened to be passing close to the whereabouts of the well, when Sandra became possessed by something sinister. She no longer joked with her boyfriend but went straight towards the well and started to shout “That cursed doll! Give it to her so she does not get hurt!” Her boyfriend said to her “Sandra, what gibberish is this! Give her what, and what’s this nonsense? Stop this, I hate these kind of jokes!” As soon as he touched her hand, Sandra regained her senses and they quickly walked away from the sinister spot.

A few weeks after the incident, they were talking to their colleagues about this episode and the mysterious occurrences, and they learnt that in the distant past, a young girl had died in that same spot as she had fallen into that same well! The thing that had possessed Sandra was nothing more than the persona of the young girl’s mother- who was so desperate to have her child back, that she used to go by that well and cry her heart out in despair…

John who was a friendly and trustworthy colleague of both Sandra and Wayne, told them that the dead have no voice and no hearing. This is no joke, but a serious matter. He also told them that the bible states, that Satan plays tricks on us humans, when we least expect it. Dead people do not communicate with the living and it is better if they stay away from that sinister place so as to avoid history repeating itself.

In the end, Sandra and Wayne wanted to forget this episode and that is precisely what they did!