A young couple longed for a short break in the island of Gozo. Louis asked his wife Elaine to try their luck and check if there was an apartment they could rent. At first, they could not find an available apartment, as it was August- the peak of summer and all the Gozitans would have rented their summer apartments to Maltese and foreigners aiming to spend a short holiday in their island home.

After a long search, Elaine found a vacant apartment for rent, and they quickly agreed with its owner so that they could spend a few days in some peace and quiet. This was at least, what they had intended, however as soon as Elaine set foot in the flat, she was not feeling comfortable. She asked her husband for them to leave, however he told her that she might be feeling this uncomfortableness, since she was not that keen to visit Gozo. Elaine still held strong to her beliefs, and did not put their clothes in the wardrobes and drawers.

During the night both Louis and his wife could her moans throughout the house. Louis however did not tell his wife about this, as he did not wish to make her even more uncomfortable. Whenever he was in the bathroom, he could always hear these moans coming from the kitchen. Two days had already passed, and the couple seemed to notice, that whenever they were out of the flat, they laughed and enjoyed their time together, and as soon as they re-entered the apartment, they always fought about petty things.
On one particular night, both Louis and Elaine heard the agonising moans in the middle of the night, which seemed to be moving towards the bedroom. As soon as they switched on the lights, they stopped, but as they switched them off, they started once again! Louis was brave enough to wander to the kitchen in pitch darkness, to see what happens. No sooner had he switched on the kitchen lights, he felt a hand caress his neck which sent several chills down his spine. He immediately informed his wife, that as soon as daybreak arrived, they would flee from this horrific place. Elaine and Louis tried to sleep with the lights on that night, and prepared all their luggage, so that at sunrise they would go out of the apartment.

When the couple, told the landlady that they had to leave the flat since they had some urgent matters to attend to in Malta, she told them that she wanted to give them their money back- a strange thing at this day and age- as they had only stayed there for 3 days and not for the week they had originally planned. Elaine and Louis took the money and left the eerie place…

Many years later, their daughter happened to be in Gozo and she had asked her mum the whereabouts of this ghostly apartment. When she found it, she noticed that it was the only spot which was demolished and was never built again.