The haunted car ghost story, Malta.The following story occurred around twenty-five years ago, where a young man bought a second hand car from the fifties era.

Robert and his friend had to go to a funeral, and when Robert started the ignition, the car did not start. Since Robert’s friend was a mechanic, Robert asked him to check whether something was wrong with it, and his friend told him that everything was supposed to be working. When they saw that the car was not going to move, they decided to attend the funeral with another vehicle. As soon as they returned from the funeral, and Robert went to check on his car and started the ignition, the car was in good working order.

On another occasion, Robert and his younger brother Mark were sleeping soundly. The car that was parked in front of their home suddenly started honking the horn! When Robert and his brother came out of the balcony, the car stopped. Such an occurrence was repeated several times, and Robert was worried that his car had some fault of some sort.

Episodes of this nature did not come to a halt, as on another day, Robert’s elder brother asked Robert if he could borrow his car as his was at the mechanic’s. Robert obliged and Samuel, went with Robert’s car to be able to do his errand. On his way home, Samuel was shocked to discover that the car’s four doors suddenly opened simultaneously! Samuel had heard his brother talking about the strange episodes of his car, but as a skeptic, he did not believe him. He quickly came out of his driving seat, and closed all the car’s doors.

Unfortunately for this family, the episodes from this poltergeist did not stop. On one particular day, Robert together with his father and youngest brother Daniel went for a drive. No sooner had Robert started to drive, his father had the fright of his life. Robert’s father experienced a terrible feeling- he felt someone literally push him out of his car seat, and half his body was about to fall out of the car and his other half (to be quite exact his feet) remained in the car. He supported his weight, just by holding to the car door’s handle! When the brothers saw this, they were terrified out of their wits and Robert immediately stopped the car. When his father regained his breath, he told him to rid himself of this car as it was not showing signs of anything positive!

Robert took his car to the dealer he had bought it from, and when he told the dealer about his experiences, he learnt that the car was in actual fact haunted by a man, who used to drive priests on their way to funerals. In fact, the car followed the hearse and took the priest to perform his spiritual rituals. The car dealer was not at all surprised when he heard Robert relate his misfortunes, as he told him that he was not the first owner to have experienced such a fate!

All the names that are mentioned in this account are all fictitious so as to protect the individuals’ concerned identity.