Prison Cells in Malta.An ex-prisoner relates his experience in a particular cell, where he was imprisoned for two years. During the night at approximately 2.30 a.m, he was experiencing a very cold atmosphere in his cell and from then onwards, he could not sleep a wink! After some time, he discovered that a number of prisoners had been sentenced to death in the vicinity of his cell. He also noticed, that his cell floor, did not have a flat stone surface, but it was hollow as if it had been carved by a thick iron chain.

Matthew was not comfortable with this situation, and decided to talk to a priest. He was always shocked to find himself asleep on the floor, as if someone had lifted him from his bed! He used to tell the spirit not to hurt him, as like himself, he had a long time to spend in that cell. After the priest performed some prayers, he instructed him to ask the ghost what he wanted and he would help. Matthew was scared out of his wits’ end, as he did not expect to have more experiences of this kind, since the priest had said some prayers in the room. Of course, these experiences are not easy to solve and when Matthew asked the ghost, what he wanted in the middle of another night, the ghost asked him to move and make some space for him to sleep in his bed. Obviously, whilst Matthew obeyed the spirit’s instructions, he covered his face with the bed sheet as he did not want to see the spirit. As soon as he moved for the ghost to come and sleep beside him, he could feel the mattress go down, as if the body of someone was about to lie down!

The following morning, he informed the priest of what had happened the previous night, and the priest confirmed that the ghost had been living in that cell before he died. Matthew always talked with the ghost through his thoughts and promised the sceptre, that he would go to mass on a daily basis to pray for him. That was his promise before he left his cell. Today, Matthew still kept his promise and prays for the lost soul, as he could perfectly understand how difficult it must have been living in those conditions! At present, he is a changed man who decently works for his living and lives to tell of his close encounters with the tormented dead!